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A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.
  1. 'an area of outstanding natural beauty'
  2. 'Although it was now late in the evening, the overhead lighting picked out the colours and enhance their shape and beauty with the shadows of the night that fell outside the glare.'
  3. 'The gilding and frills of the eighteenth century were stripped away in favor of the natural beauty of materials and shapes.'
  4. 'Life in a setting of such spectacular natural and man-made beauty, with rooms that come and go as one pleases, seems an impossible fantasy.'
  5. 'My initial reaction to this was a sense that here aesthetic beauty came perilously close to swamping the work, as if it were too rich for its own good.'
  6. 'In this new exhibition, John's love of colour and natural beauty comes to the fore.'
  7. 'In the spirit of romantic aestheticism, beauty in the natural environment was seen to inspire enlightenment through cultural expression.'
  8. 'A great number of oaks aged over 500 years provide an abundance of aesthetic beauty, wonderful shapes and amazing structures.'
  9. 'At first sight, there is beauty, Kant explains, as there is sublimity in natural objects and in their artistic imitation.'
  10. 'The sizes and shapes were unfamiliar to them, but their beauty was a welcome sight.'
  11. 'The study of literature and art shape our sense of beauty.'
  12. 'Furthermore he argues that the idea of proportion cannot be extended to moral and intellectual beauty.'
  13. 'There are some genuine moments of intellectual beauty in the series - if you watch out for the character Elfayed, you'll see what I mean.'
  14. 'How unfortunate, then that in highlighting the raw beauty of flamenco, Gatlif forgot include a credible plot.'
  15. 'Scenery, images of Ganesha and Saraswathi and scenes from the epics have been woven with artistic beauty.'
  16. 'Not like a physical attribute, but rather a deeper, more artistic beauty.'
  17. 'In one hand he held a helmet in the shape of a griffin's head, in the other a glaive, forged with such artistic beauty that Jeremy couldn't imagine it being used as a mere weapon.'
  18. 'Rather than the attraction to Lauren, Abhidar had been attracted to her intellectual beauty rather than physical.'
  19. 'It champions their main cinematic goals of creating intelligent beauty, of mixing the literal with lushness.'
  20. 'And yet one cannot deny the intellectual and moral beauty of Voltaire's too hopeful undertaking.'
  21. 'The artist conjures resonant beauty from the starkest of sounds.'
  22. 'beauty treatment'
  23. 'Health and beauty treatments will also be available.'
  24. 'Thousands of women in Indonesia have become victims of a trendy beauty treatment called the silicone injection, long outlawed in most developed countries.'
  25. 'Two-thirds in Yorkshire go to wine bars and wear high heels - significantly above the national average - while a quarter have beauty treatments.'
  26. 'There were also stalls offering beauty treatments and products, allergy testing, information about cosmetic dentistry and advice on how to lose weight and give up smoking.'
  27. 'Would you buy a beauty product from a movie star considered one of the most attractive women in China?'
  28. 'Both Neil and Mark need to listen to some blunt expert advice if they are to launch beauty products that the customer finds attractive.'
  29. 'According to the survey, 83 per cent of the women said they were willing to spend at least as much as last year, or even more on skin care and other beauty products.'
  30. 'The success of her ethically responsible health and beauty products depended on how people saw themselves, how they wanted others to see them, and how others actually did see them.'
  31. 'To the rescue: a brigade of wonderfully warming beauty products and treatments that will leave your skin and hair in top condition.'
  32. 'Five runners-up will receive a beauty treatment and complimentary makeover.'
A beautiful woman.
  1. 'he arrived with a blonde beauty on his arm'
  2. 'When I say that all my woman are dazzling beauties, they object.'
  3. 'But it wasn't her hair that made her stand out as a beauty.'
  4. 'Princess Stephanie is a striking beauty which is reflected on her birthchart by the positions of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.'
  5. 'About female models, she says that there is a clear difference between muscle beauties and delicate beauties.'
  6. 'The goddess who is beautiful but who also has an enhanced beauty because of the beneficent role she plays.'
  7. 'Across the aisle, six blonde beauties also celebrating a birthday laughed too loud and drank champagne.'
  8. 'Visions of exotic beauties like Nefertiti, legends of mummified pharaohs and the towering presence of the pyramids have made Egypt a fantasy place.'
  9. 'The mother is a great beauty who dreamed of acting but settled for a private, domestic state.'
  10. 'She's an odd duck, to be sure, not a beauty nor a standout a mousy bad dresser who twirls her hair and sniffles all the time.'
  11. 'When she showed up at our STAR studios in her brown and beige school uniform we had never imagined that she could be transformed into the beauty here pictured.'
  12. 'Guests cheered as a quintet of Nordic beauties emerged on a sparkling white circular stage littered with disco glitter balls.'
  13. 'She was a true beauty and the typical blonde bombshell that fell in love with my dad, a martial arts professional.'
  14. 'Bridget had been an all-American beauty since the day she was born, with blonde hair and clear blue eyes.'
  15. 'Many of the companies are like professional beauties in a beauty pageant, with figurative knives in each other's back.'
  16. 'Moreover, he was a billionaire, he dated numerous Hollywood beauties; married three of them and remained a recluse most of his life.'
  17. 'Well, until pictures of swimsuit-clad beauties popped up everywhere, none had.'
  18. 'You are an exotic beauty who enchants everyone you meet.'
  19. 'Even if you don't fish, check out these beauties at the J.D. Wagner web page.'
  20. 'In fact, it is a beauty fished off the beach or rocks.'
  21. 'Mahan's tee shot is a beauty down the left side of the fairway.'
  22. 'As an architectural beauty it is one of the worst examples of its era.'
  23. 'the beauties of the English countryside'
  24. 'Jane truly loved the beauties of the natural world-the birds she photographed, the fish that swam in her pond, the trees that grew in her garden.'
  25. 'I also lament people who ignore the beauties of the English countryside - excepting the itinerant rambler and the American tourist.'
  26. 'One of the beauties of English is that it has available a practice which seems to conflate movement and stillness, unfolding and accomplishment.'
  27. 'Once again let the expert guidance help you enjoy the natural and cultural beauties of Nepal.'
  28. 'The COC Orchestra did full justice to the many beauties of the score and the chorus sounded robust.'
  29. 'It is rare to see this much theatre performed in one evening, and the beauty of the Lorca Trilogy is that the plays may be viewed together, yet stand on their own as individual productions.'
  30. 'However the beauty of the FAI Cup is that its foundations are built on the possibility of David slaying Goliath, so we, the supporters, will travel in hope.'
  31. 'That's the beauty of a band - everyone pulls his own weight.'
  32. 'The beauty of the marble skin was one aspect of the building that nineteenth-century visitors to Agra frequently celebrated.'
  33. 'But the beauty of this disc lies in the subtlety.'
  34. 'That's the beauty of wearing your dark shades during a social exchange you find less than thrilling, no one sees what you're thinking by reading your eyes.'
  35. 'Regardless of the somewhat touristy aspect, the beauty of learning in a class environment is that it removes the male-determined version of sexy.'
  36. 'The beauty of this book is that Allen pulls no punches as he tackles the difficult topics, and that Schumacher's response is to give as good as he gets.'
  37. 'I saw immediately the benefit, the beauty of the movement, the efficiency and the marriage.'
  38. 'The beauty of the Hollywood Plus is that the system requirements are not very taxing at all.'


Good; excellent (used as a general term of approval).


    1. the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).

    2. a beautiful person, especially a woman.

    3. a beautiful thing, as a work of art or a building.

    4. Often, beauties. something that is beautiful in nature or in some natural

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    "companies can be beauty."

    "industries can be beauty."

    "editors can be beauty."

    "benefits can be beauty."

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    Middle English: from Old French beaute, based on Latin bellus ‘beautiful, fine’.


    beauty and the beast
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    beauty is only skin-deep