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(of a person) carry.
  1. 'the warriors bore lances tipped with iron'
  2. 'Boys bearing trays loaded with water bottles and cans of soft drink are hurrying towards us.'
  3. 'Arjun Chhatkuli, CEO of Himalayan Humanity, started out as a porter bearing the luggage of tourists during long treks.'
  4. 'The shield maiden would bear the maiden warrior's shield in battle, hence the name.'
  5. 'She was saved an explanation at that moment by the door opening to reveal a nurse bearing a tray with a tea pot, a strainer, a teabag, and two handle-less cups.'
  6. 'He will not be laughed at by the overwhelming majority of Australians and later he might decide to accept one name, but the most important thing is that the child bears your genetics.'
  7. 'For statistical analyses, recombinant families bearing the same marker genotypes were grouped together.'
  8. 'The team arrived into Ballina train station to encounter a mass of loyal fans and supporters bearing flags and bunting.'
  9. 'The butler reappeared instantly bearing a silver tea tray with a glass of ice and a pitcher of cold water, which he poured into the glass and offered to me.'
  10. 'The lord himself and his daughter would often attend, bringing with them house servants bearing trays of food and drink.'
  11. 'The Selfridges car park was given a makeover for the occasion: vehicles were replaced by a catwalk, bright lights and waiters bearing trays of champagne.'
  12. 'When he returned, Guy was bearing a tray with a bowl of soup and a mug of something else.'
  13. 'Lester spent a quiet night in the pen getting used to his new look and the next day was hoisted up on the back of a flatbed truck bearing a load of young women in white evening dresses, myself included.'
  14. 'Land convoys and helicopters bore Western evacuees to Yamoussoukro, where US military cargo planes waited to fly them to Abidjan, or neighbouring Ghana.'
  15. 'For many this is limited to an occasional walk during a mainly vehicle borne safari but others, like John Stevens, prefer to concentrate on walking and tracking animals.'
  16. 'Every now and then official vehicles bearing ministers of government appeared on the scene.'
  17. 'Mr King says the car bearing it, pictured above, was probably steam-powered.'
  18. 'These fleet-of-foot canines think nothing of sprinting round a four-mile trail at 18 miles an hour, dragging a sledge bearing their human ‘musher’.'
  19. 'There are more ocean-going vessels bearing such goods than one might imagine, nearly all holding insurance premiums against pirates.'
  20. 'Massed pipes and drums from 14 regiments accompanied the gun carriage bearing the Queen Mother from Westminster Hall to the Abbey in a moving spectacle of pomp and pageantry.'
  21. 'many of the papers bore his flamboyant signature'
  22. 'Outwardly healthy, the animal bore no visible wounds or signs of illness.'
  23. 'Allied ground forces in Normandy used a white star for the same reason, and in the Gulf war in 1990-1 Allied vehicles bore a distinguishing chevron.'
  24. 'Paulino Gimenez was cleaning a painting that he believed was by a little known contemporary of Goya's when he uncovered hidden features bearing the unmistakable mark of the Spanish master.'
  25. 'After what seemed an eternity, a transport helicopter bearing the insignia of the United States Navy appeared in the distance and headed straight for them.'
  26. 'Using the final digit of the vehicle number (odd or even), designate alternate days that vehicles bearing such numbers will be allowed to park in the city.'
  27. 'Because of these genes some families bear the same characteristics.'
  28. 'A private interstate highway system - say, one accessible only to cars bearing fish emblems - would have done nothing to reshape the landscape of the United States.'
  29. 'Its gates opened to any person who was born with the marking and he taught them why they had been marked, why they were set apart from any other ordinary person not bearing that marking.'
  30. 'In fact, holidaymakers in Tenerife will now be able to see delivery vans bearing the company's logo on the roads, just like home.'
  31. 'Cai bears unmistakable features of his Western heritage, with his thinning light-coloured hair, deep blue eyes and high nose.'
  32. 'The merchant bank thus created still bears his name - Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.'
  33. 'But Mr Beaumont believes the city owes Hudson a public apology and a more salubrious memorial than the ‘dreadful’ street which bears his name.'
  34. 'Pioneers in steel, oil, railroads, banking etc. have created foundations that bear their names.'
  35. 'There were three of us; each 16 months apart, each bearing an archangel's name as the middle moniker.'
  36. 'Now, more than three years after the movie, comes the first title bearing the name Gladiator (although, it's not based on the movie).'
  37. 'Gehrig was ill and later died of a disease that would bear his name even after it received its formal title, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.'
  38. 'There are many streets bearing his name, and more than one has caused vociferous opposition from some interest groups.'
  39. 'A Memorial Center is dedicated to him, the stadium has been renamed in his honor, and a street now bears his name.'
  40. 'There's an investment banking firm that bears his name.'
  41. 'One of the Foreign Service's major awards bears his name.'
  42. 'she bore herself with dignity'
  43. 'He bore himself with a slow and impressive dignity, as if he took command of all things from the instant of his entrance.'
  44. 'But still, even with the fraying edges and fading embroidery, the flag bore itself with an elegance that I had never seen before.'
  45. 'Remember how proudly they bore themselves on the talk shows?'
  46. 'In fact, he calls all of us to a prophetic life-a life that witnesses to the power of the Spirit through the words we speak, the ways we serve, even the way we bear ourselves.'
  47. 'Few were the demonic females he had meet with such a fine physical shell and yet able to bear themselves with such dignity and self-control.'
  48. 'Despite the valour of Galway's British contingent - the 6th and 9th Foot bore themselves especially well - almost all Galway's 15,000 men were killed or captured.'
  49. 'He bore himself regally yet treated none with contempt.'
Support; carry the weight of.
  1. 'The website would not have borne this weight of traffic without the radical restructuring that was completed only last month.'
  2. 'Broilers are subjected to breeding regimes which produce birds unable to bear their own weight.'
  3. 'It supported nothing, but was stout enough to have once borne a considerable weight, and likely, he thought, to have been a roof beam.'
  4. 'The softwood and chipboard shelves were ‘wholly inadequate’ to bear the weight.'
  5. 'Perhaps they were deliberately designed to appear incapable of bearing the weight of this great rectangular zeppelin, or perhaps it was simply an oversight to make them seem so spindly.'
  6. 'This would also take the load off the Residency Road ramp, which will henceforth have to bear the load of descending traffic that was earlier split between the two down ramps.'
  7. 'On his back, he bore the weight of two long, black, leathery wings that could easily smother a human each.'
  8. 'Moving as one unit, they bore the massive weight of the scanner and slid it gently over the box.'
  9. 'Now is the time to lay foundations capable of bearing the top weight.'
  10. 'Joints move and bear a load: your weight, in other words.'
  11. 'no one likes to bear the responsibility for such decisions'
  12. 'The cost of operas in the past was borne largely by wealthy patrons, using the money which they extracted from the common people to fund their lifestyle.'
  13. 'Everyone in society (except a couple of innocent landowners) gets some benefit, but only a few people bear the cost.'
  14. 'If he bears the weight of history's censure, he remained a small cog inside the wheel of Loch's strategy, the dash for improvement by the noble couple and the general challenge to the Highlands by modernity.'
  15. 'He accused the top officials of blaming each other with no one willing to bear the responsibility.'
  16. 'Mr Thomas said that the finding could leave Mr Morgan with a huge financial cost that he would have to bear himself.'
  17. 'The focus here is on the major cost components of injury that individuals would be expected to bear themselves, notably loss of earnings and pain and suffering.'
  18. 'Country people have borne the brunt of the lifting of tariffs and withdrawal of state, government, bank and business services from the regions.'
  19. 'This will not be borne by the owners; it will be passed on to the clients.'
  20. 'This was because the risk of injury should be borne by the person who created the nuisance rather than a person who was using the highway in a proper manner.'
  21. 'You must also bear the responsibility for maintaining a secure site and liability for the content of the site.'
  22. 'it is doubtful whether either of these distinctions would bear scrutiny'
  23. 'The idea that the growing number of clubs standing on football's equivalent of death row are somehow the unfortunate victims of a natural disaster does not bear scrutiny.'
  24. 'The question of whether she could once again bear the weight of expectation and public scrutiny were answered last season.'
  25. 'Such a view will not bear scrutiny either, for reasons to be discussed later; Wittgenstein indeed opens the Philosophical Investigations with a lengthy refutation of it.'
  26. 'Can Kylie bear the weight of fantasy required to sustain such a role?'
  27. 'Coulthard is the man most accustomed to it and he has proved, with every maturing year in the game, that he is capable of bearing the weight of expectation.'
Endure (an ordeal or difficulty)
  1. 'As for England's quarter-final exit, he bears the pain stoically.'
  2. 'He resigned in the midst of it because he too was ethical and couldn't bear it anymore.'
  3. 'But, you see, it's the woman that bears the difficulties of the pregnancy.'
  4. 'Barbosa, the keeper who failed to save Brazil from Uruguay in the 1950 final, still bears his disgrace.'
  5. 'Men and women perform as equals, taking turns to bear the weight in lifts and jumps, and sometimes appearing to fight each other for the privilege.'
  6. 'Any arms sales must seek the approval of all relevant departments and be able to bear pressure from organizations of every sort in society.'
  7. 'It is borne especially by the families left behind.'
  8. 'People bore the tribulations of the subsequent years with astonishing patience.'
  9. 'I love my mother and I don't think I would ever be able to bear it if I lost her.'
  10. 'For many people it keeps getting harder to bear their desperation quietly.'
  11. 'As if no longer able to bear the echoes of horrors past, Kalin stopped his history lesson and looked at me for the first time in over an hour.'
  12. with infinitive 'I cannot bear to see you hurt'
  13. 'Grant and Malinda could hardly bear their separation, and Grant longed to see his five children, one of whom was born during the war.'
  14. 'Most people could not bear the thought of having their every move captured on film let alone watched by millions of television viewers.'
  15. 'No one really came to that dump to eat, so she was never really that busy, but work got so monotonous that with every passing day it seemed like she wouldn't be able to bear it.'
  16. 'Cassie stood outside no longer able to bear the cloud of tension.'
  17. 'I didn't go as often as I should because I couldn't bear it.'
  18. 'We all feel that we can no longer bear the situation as it is.'
  19. 'The countryside gradually lost its brightness as the green grass faded into yellows and the flowers dried up and died, not able to bear the chilly temperatures.'
  20. 'I am so up and down at the moment that I can hardly bear myself.'
  21. 'Close as they were, the two could hardly bear to talk about Darwin's view of life.'
  22. 'Tori could hardly bear it, how cute he looked with his mussed hair and confused expression.'
  23. 'She said: ‘I have two boys who still believe in Christmas and, even though I cannot bear the thought of doing it without their daddy, I cannot let them down.’'
  24. 'Having belonged to him once, I cannot bear myself.'
  25. 'I cannot bear the plethora of tacky, pointless, plasticky, badly constructed, playthings that are manufactured these days.'
  26. '‘If you cannot bear your name being mentioned in criticisms, then you'd better go home and be an ordinary citizen,’ she said.'
  27. 'Also, he cannot bear other people's misfortune.'
  28. 'I have been here for 18 years and cannot bear the thought of leaving.'
  29. 'I cannot bear the thought of having to use something that resembles tracing paper and is as absorbent as a £10.00 note!'
  30. 'Aglaia cannot bear Nastasia taking precedence.'
  31. 'The Montserrat population cannot bear any tax increases at this time.'
  32. 'Emilia cannot bear him, and William appears to loathe her.'
Give birth to (a child)
  1. with two objects 'his wife had borne him a son'
  2. 'I myself had never had sisters or brothers - my mother had lost the ability to bear children at my birth.'
  3. 'Other men are deceived by wives who bear children through adulterous liaisons and who mislead them into thinking that the children are theirs.'
  4. 'She was going to try to be a good wife, bear children, and be happy.'
  5. 'Is it that they only want to find a submissive wife who will bear children and become homemakers?'
  6. 'The drama tells the story of a king who takes a second wife because his Chinese queen is unable to bear children.'
  7. 'In 1851 he married Fanny Lucy Wightman, who was to bear six children, three of whom predeceased him.'
  8. 'For in just two days my own wife is due to bear her second child.'
  9. 'Herschel will leave nothing behind him because his late wife refused to bear children.'
  10. 'Arrangements for women who bore children or reared infants in prison were negligible.'
  11. 'This person had borne her, and done little else.'
  12. 'In a large garden consider the merits of trees bearing green fruit.'
  13. 'The trees bearing rudraksha fruits are found in the Himalayan region, Nepal, and also in Indonesia and belong to the Eleo Carpus Ganitras type of plants.'
  14. 'True to its name, the ‘moottil pazham’ tree bears fruits only on the lower part of the trunk.'
  15. 'Trees bearing fruits or nuts can provide an excellent source of food for many species of wildlife.'
  16. 'Moreover the trees bear fruits from October to February.'
  17. 'Many fruit species bear an abundance of flowers producing a surplus of fruits that the tree is unable to support.'
  18. 'Down the whitened streets, past the whitened cars, whitened trees still bearing leaves, whitened people, we discussed society and art, and the act of creating.'
  19. 'But, the birds can be brought back, if the authorities take up the planting of suitable varieties of plants, trees bearing berries and fruit.'
  20. 'Even so every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.'
  21. 'It can even keep a tree from bearing any fruit at all.'
  22. 'The tree of liberty bears beautiful flowers, but its roots are delicate; they will grow only in suitable ground.'
Turn and proceed in a specified direction.
  1. 'The path bears right again to curve round under the summit.'
  2. 'Follow the forestry track until you emerge from the woods, cross the bridge over a burn, then bear right up the rough, stony and often wet track which rises steeply to the Bealach na Sroine.'
  3. 'Turn right here, over a stile in the hedgerow, and bear north-eastwards across the pasture to the next stile in 250 yards.'
  4. 'Nature should have told him that when he heads south from Alaska during his herd's annual autumn migration to warmer water, he has to bear right at San Francisco.'
  5. 'Turn off the road as if entering the driving range but bear left - the building is straight ahead of you with a big sign in the front of it!'

More definitions

1. to hold up; support: to bear the weight of the roof.

2. to hold or remain firm under (a load): The roof will not bear the strain of his weight.

3. to bring forth (young); give birth to: to bear a child.

4. to produce by natural growth: a tree that bears fruit.

5. to hold up under; be capable of: His claim doesn't bear close examination.

6. to press or push against: The crowd was borne back by the pol

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