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A bird's horny projecting jaws; a bill.
  1. 'Accipitrids are diurnal birds of prey with broad wings, hooked beaks, strong legs and feet and sharp talons.'
  2. 'By rapidly opening and closing its beak a bird can alter the damping characteristics of the vocal tract.'
  3. 'These birds have heavy beaks with a distinct hook at the end.'
  4. 'The differences between the bills of male and female purple-throats make it hard not to draw parallels to another group of birds with amazingly variable beaks, Darwin's finches.'
  5. 'Using its beak, the bird reached for a bud and gave it a quick twist, which released the four petals.'
  6. 'Samshuddin says he watches out for the shape of a bird's tail, beak, nostrils and eyes, all of which have a bearing on singing quality.'
  7. 'Whether the flightless birds used their beaks to impale or bludgeon their prey is unknown, Chiappe says.'
  8. 'For example, in some species of woodpecker, the male and female birds have differently shaped beaks, which allows a pair to more efficiently mine a tree for food.'
  9. 'As a trombone player pulls in the slide to make a higher frequency sound by reducing the volume of the tube, so does a bird open its beak and pull back its head to reduce the volume of its vocal tract.'
  10. 'Many birds, beaks open, swim in Lines toward the shore, some beating their large wings against the water's surface to drive their prey into the shallows.'
  11. 'The tropical animals had longer beaks and a different color patterning on the head; their calves had white rather than dark flanks.'
  12. 'This squid has one of the largest beaks known of any squid and also has unique swivelling hooks on the clubs at the ends of its tentacles.'
  13. 'This is enough for Susanna, and she raises her hand gently to halt the turtle and avoid any possible clash between beak and mask.'
  14. 'Over the years whalers have reported finding a high number of large squid beaks in the mammals' stomachs, pegging sperm whales as primary predators of large squid.'
  15. 'They are characterized by a short snout and the loss of almost all their teeth, which were replaced by a turtle-like beak used for cropping vegetation.'
  16. 'You can eat everything on a squid but the beak, shell, and eyes.'
  17. 'The big grey animals with sickle-shaped dorsal fins and prominent beaks are bottlenose dolphins (immortalised by Flipper).'
  18. 'she can't wait to stick her beak in'
  19. 'Yesterday, on the Edgware Road, I saw an elderly man with an impressive beak of a nose.'
  20. 'A more contemporary critical reading of The Nose leads us to Pinocchio, whose own beak was known to grow in proportion to the telling of tall tales.'
  21. 'If there are areas that this Government needs to stick its nosy beak into, maybe it should focus on those areas, because many of those people are its own core members.'
  22. 'His nose is still the defiant beak it was when I first met him, when we were both thirteen and bullied at a new and ghastly school.'
  23. 'Cyril has stuck his beak in controversy throughout his career.'
  24. 'The whole group of servants tried to stifle their giggles but Aimée's mother turned and shot an evil glare at them over her beak of a nose.'
  25. 'Heavy brows converge into a huge beak of a nose which hovers over thick lips smothered by a huge moustache.'
  26. 'The main weapon for ramming into enemy ships was the beak of the ship.'
  27. '‘Heads’ was the name given to that part of sailing ships forward of the forecastle and around the beak which was used by the crew as their lavatory.'


A magistrate or a schoolmaster.
  1. 'And those sent down will be told by the beak: ‘I have no choice but to deliberately de-liberate you.’'
  2. 'That seems a good point to me, particularly in views of recent court cases where greengrocers were up before the beaks just because they sold fruit and veg in pounds when legislation now rules that goods must be sold in metric units.'
  3. 'In order to help out I moved from the fines court to the Magistrates Court next door and went up before the beak, or beakess on this occasion.'
  4. 'Presumably you would have to be hauled before the beak and convicted of something before your licence was revoked.'
  5. 'He is up before the ERC beak tomorrow and, if found guilty, is likely to be suspended for at least a month.'

More definitions

1. the bill of a bird; neb.

2. any similar horny mouthpart in other animals, as the turtle or duckbill.

3. anything beaklike or ending in a point, as the spout of a pitcher.

4. Slang. a person's nose.

5. Entomology. proboscis (def 3).

6. Botany. a narrowed or prolonged tip.

7. Nautical. (formerly) a metal or metal-sheathed projection from the bow of a warship, used to ram enemy vessels; ram; rostrum.

8. Typography. a serif on the arm of a character, as of a K. 9. Also called bird'

More examples(as adjective)

"touchs can be beaks."


(beak)Late 18th century: probably from criminals' slang.