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  1. 'The posts were located on the beachfront, stretching from Tanah Pasir in North Aceh to Samalanga in Bireuen regency.'
  2. 'Now you see proliferation of raw fish restaurants all along the beachfronts.'
  3. 'She admitted she did not fear any new tsunamis, although her food stall, just like the others, was located on the beachfront.'
  4. 'For instance, he transports the viewer to the Kozhikode beachfront, parts of Kannur and even the hill station Munnar.'
  5. 'This is a great month to enjoy light-tackle action, while wet wading along the open beachfront.'
  6. 'He found that his home was without power, and water was starting to enter the beachfront property.'
  7. 'Be prepared for cold showers and no electricity in your beachfront digs.'
  8. 'During the busy tourist season and particularly on sunny days, cars are reduced to one line of traffic to and from the beachfront.'
  9. 'That's one of the dozens of nightclubs in Tel Aviv along the beachfront there.'
  10. 'Night fishing under lights is a classic exercise on bays, canals and beachfronts all along the Texas coast.'

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1. land fronting on a beach. adjective

2. located on or adjacent to a beach: beachfront property.

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"hotels can be beachfront."

"properties can be beachfront."

"communities can be beachfront."

"restaurants can be beachfront."

"developments can be beachfront."

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