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A pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks.
  1. 'Souyia proved another low-key mix of tavernas and bars fronting a pebbly beach.'
  2. 'Flying into Puerto Plata on the north coast, you immediately see that the country has more to offer than beaches.'
  3. 'On the Comoros beaches, there are no buildings, no people, no development, no tourism.'
  4. 'Perhaps because of their preference for rocky shores, marine otters have never been found along the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Patagonian coasts.'
  5. 'On clean surf beaches, also look for deeper gullies that tend to run parallel with the shore.'
  6. 'Our adventure recon to Madagascar turns up virgin rivers, ivory beaches, and limitless possibilities.'
  7. 'Miles of hiking trails lead to lookouts and empty ivory beaches.'
  8. 'I want to walk along a tropical beach at sunset or ramble through a ruined temple at sunrise.'
  9. 'Transfers between islands are by motorized canoes piloted by native guides; most nights are spent camping on empty sand beaches.'
  10. 'This can be key if you're fishing shallow water on the East Coast beaches.'


Run or haul up (a boat or ship) on to a beach.
  1. 'Fifty yards off the beach a boat swerves in, cuts its outboard and prepares to beach itself in front of us.'
  2. 'They had beached the raft and made their way on foot across a series of barren plains.'
  3. 'The men quickly made for it, before the fog closed in again, and beached the lead raft, pulling the others quickly in.'
  4. 'The travelers reached a bed of sand, which beached their little boat.'
  5. 'The decision to beach the vessel was a hurried and ill-considered over-reaction, with significant consequences in terms of damage.'
  6. 'A rowboat was beached on the gravelly shore and abandoned there.'
  7. 'The marines' assault echelon had three hours to offload before tidefall threatened to beach their ships.'
  8. 'Fishing boats were beached in rows near the pavement; copper-colored fishermen dried their nets on the sand and rested in the shade of their craft.'
  9. 'With their boat desperately in need of repair, the crew had beached the vessel, awaiting the return of assistance from Spain.'
  10. 'As the story goes, it was in May 1880 that five young yachtsmen beached their boat at Horseshoe Harbor in Larchmont, New York.'
  11. 'The boat was beached in shallow waters without further incident.'
  12. 'After a cracking scrap of a few minutes I beached a beautiful barred pargo, a sea-bream-like fish with vertical brown bands running down the flanks and a large yellow eye.'
  13. 'This turned out to be a sort of latticework-patterned grouper thing of about three pounds, which I beached, not being sure whether it would bite me if it had the opportunity, impale me on a spine, or spit in my eye.'
  14. 'I was ready to beach the fish on the bar, which now stood clear of all but the biggest waves.'
  15. 'we don't know what causes whales to beach'
  16. 'Giant whale vertebrae lie beached and bleached on the shore like prehistoric, bone propellers.'
  17. 'The whale, now beached, was immediately photographed for the nightly news.'
  18. 'Rescue workers were forced to call off attempts to rescue a 15-ton whale beached off the Lincolnshire coast last night - but vowed to return this morning.'
  19. 'To the critics of his approach, Mr Kennedy is in the habit of retelling an involved Scottish anecdote about a whale getting itself beached.'
  20. 'Sights like this, a whale beached off Cairns, found with six square metres of plastic in its body cavity, have caused outrage at the killing capacity of the plastic bag.'
  21. 'The frantic battle against the clock began when locals noticed a pod of whales beached on Aughacasla Strand, on the Dingle Peninsula, at around 10 am.'
  22. 'Fishermen found a 50-foot, 50-ton sperm whale beached on the coast of Taiwan last Saturday.'
  23. 'Also threatened is the mysterious giant squid, unusual numbers of which have been found beached in Spain recently, some with their organs damaged almost beyond recognition.'
  24. 'At the time 14 beaked whales became beached on the same day that U.S. Navy destroyers where engaged in a sonar exercise.'
  25. 'Try as we may, no one has been able to fully explain why whales and dolphins beach themselves in the hundreds each year.'
  26. 'At the moment Rowan Williams is beached by his institution's dysfunction.'
  27. 'Everyone else sells out quickly, leaving a beached shoal of unsold Barts.'
  28. 'He has certainly beached Smith on the trade union question.'
  29. 'As galvanic as Holliday is Cleavant Derricks as a slam-bang comic belter sadly beached by new musical tides.'
  30. 'Three years ago, after a serious heart attack while manning a dinghy in a frostbite race, Shields was beached from competition by his doctors.'

More definitions

1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.

2. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

3. the area adjacent to a seashore: We're vacationing at the beach. verb (used with object)

4. Nautical. to haul or run onto a beach: We beached the ship to save it.

5. to make inoperative or unemployed.

More examples(as adjective)

"erosions can be beach."

"holidays can be beach."


Mid 16th century (denoting shingle on the seashore): perhaps related to Old English bæce, bece ‘brook’ (an element that survives in place names such as Wis bech and Sand bach), assuming an intermediate sense ‘pebbly river valley’.