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A sustained fight between large organized armed forces.
  1. in names 'the Battle of Waterloo'
  2. 'Of the many battles in which he fought, the one we associate him with most is the Siege of Limerick, and then the treaty of Limerick.'
  3. 'Hymns and prayers were said in memory of those who died in battle and those who fought and survived.'
  4. 'He declared that a truly great commander could win his campaigns without fighting any battles.'
  5. 'In battle, I came to pity enemy prisoners because I had a cause to fight for and they did not.'
  6. 'They determined the pace of the war - when battles were fought, what nature they assumed, when they were over.'
  7. 'During his time in America, Philip fought in eight major battles and 50 skirmishes.'
  8. 'He enjoyed wars and was the first prime minister since the duke of Wellington to have fought in battle.'
  9. 'It is not a war fought with battles, it does not have front lines, nor does it have marches or invasions.'
  10. 'He was a Navy lieutenant who fought in real battles.'
  11. 'In battle, it could be wielded as a quarterstaff against swordsmen, or as a pike against cavalry.'
  12. 'the battle against ageing'
  13. 'It is almost certain now that the dispute will end up in a lengthy and expensive court battle.'
  14. 'This is a battle about the future, about the shape of Labour's third term.'
  15. 'One of the most difficult battles waged by these women has been against Public Works Department contractors.'
  16. 'After lengthy court battles and broken promises, the residents plight continued to fall on deaf ears.'
  17. 'In each case, a certain peace had to have been made with the family or difficult, draining battles followed.'
  18. 'Advisers say the panel has taken longer than normal to reach a decision because the process is likely to set a precedent for future battles.'
  19. 'The battle over small abattoirs is therefore also a battle for the future of agriculture.'
  20. 'The pair had been embroiled in lengthy legal battles over Daniel, but had reached a shared custody agreement on his care before Kevin's death.'
  21. 'Mr Rhodes said the conclusion of the deal yesterday brought to an end a long and difficult battle to keep the club going.'
  22. 'Two years later, he is still engaged in a legal battle to fight deportation and be allowed to stay here with his wife.'


Struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something.
  1. 'Furious residents are battling for the second time to stop huge mobile phone masts going up in Corsham town centre.'
  2. 'As it stands, national lobby groups are battling against the ad budgets of brand name giants.'
  3. 'Some fishing is still permitted around the islands, but divers and naturalists are battling for a total ban.'
  4. 'A youth worker has today spoken of how he helped save a teenager who is battling for life after being engulfed in flames.'
  5. 'The once supreme Nine Network is battling for the sort of ratings it once took for granted.'
  6. 'Players on both sides are unknowingly battling for cross hemisphere respect from people they will never meet.'
  7. 'When you are battling against them, you forget how much they love the game.'
  8. 'We need to keep the volumes up as the margins have been falling and we are constantly battling against obsolescence.'
  9. 'A tsunami survivor is battling against ill-health to sit her exams next term.'
  10. 'Rebecca Harrison was taken ill mid-way through the race but battled on to finish 40th.'
  11. 'firefighters battled a 9,800-acre brush fire'
  12. 'Residents are battling a supermarket's plans to build a pedestrian crossing in their scenic village.'
  13. 'However, the Trust is battling a big rise in patients being sent to hospital by family doctors.'
  14. 'He already battles multiple sclerosis, and he wears braces on his legs.'
  15. 'A heroic elderly couple are battling the odds again - this time to get their guttering fixed.'
  16. 'Firefighters battled a blaze at the disused Robert Fletcher paper mill in Stoneclough last night.'
  17. 'He has been battling the disease, and receiving chemotherapy and other treatment, ever since.'
  18. 'A young man who is battling cancer is appealing to Bradford's Asian community to help save his life.'
  19. 'The friends of a teenager who is battling cancer for the second time plan to send him on a holiday to Euro Disney.'
  20. 'I've spent years battling my worst impulses, trying to keep them under control.'
  21. 'The building was evacuated, and firefighters battled the fire for more than an hour.'

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1. a hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces: the battle of Waterloo.

2. participation in such hostile encounters or engagements: wounds received in battle.

3. a fight between two persons or animals: ordering a trial by battle to settle the dispute.

4. any conflict or struggle: a battle for control of the Senate.

5. Archaic. a battalion. verb (used without object), battled, battling.

6. to engage in battle: ready to battle with the enemy. 7

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"traders can be battle against plans."

"people can be battle in/at/on years."

"people can be battle."

"inflations can be battle."

"wars can be battle."

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(battle)Middle English: from Old French bataille (noun), bataillier (verb), based on late Latin battualia ‘military or gladiatorial exercises’, from Latin battuere ‘to beat’.


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