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A thin stick used by a conductor to direct an orchestra or choir.
  1. 'Under the baton of veteran Musical Director Derek Broadbent the orchestra seemed to enjoy themselves just as much as the cast.'
  2. 'Ever wonder just what, exactly, a composer is doing when he's waving his baton around while the orchestra plays?'
  3. 'I remember the conductor's baton coming down and everyone started to play except me who had no idea of where I was or of how to follow the beat!'
  4. 'But I still prefer my own, a Victorian ivory and ebony conductor's baton.'
  5. 'When he conducted, the baton looked small and yet he held it so delicately.'
  6. 'When a conductor raises or lowers his or her baton, the musicians know it is time to start or stop playing.'
  7. 'I normally deplore applause that begins before the conductor lowers his baton, but I joined in the spontaneous delight at the pyrotechnics.'
  8. 'The singing is excellent down through the cast and the orchestra performs splendidly under his incisive baton.'
  9. 'This is home to the Seattle Symphony, but even before the conductor lifts his baton, you get a show.'
  10. 'So, in desperation, the Italian orchestra handed the baton over to its own principal cellist.'
  11. 'Minutes later he was back to hand the baton to the next runner who set off towards Smithy Bridge as smiling onlookers applauded and yelled their support.'
  12. 'I've heard her talk about this;the third runner knocked the baton out of her hand, her knee came up.'
  13. 'In the week leading up to the big event, drum majors, baton twirlers and cheerleaders fill hotel staterooms, elevator banks and stairwells.'
  14. 'There might be a Rose Parade all the way to the Hall of Fame with Pete out front twirling the baton if, and when, he becomes eligible.'
  15. 'On a sunny July 4 morning in Ripley - a town of 3400 souls - he revelled in the festivities as batons twirled and bands marched.'
  16. 'They talked about how she was prone to forget her majorette baton and even her performance wig, but never her lip gloss, which she wore all the time.'
  17. 'Police with guns and batons lined the way, together with armoured vehicles, razor wire and concrete barricades.'
  18. 'They were dispersed by riot police using batons and tear gas.'
  19. 'He said he was then approached from behind by a uniformed police officer with his baton drawn.'
  20. 'Twenty officers mounted on horses quickly advanced, swinging batons, flanked by police on foot who fired concussion grenades and volleys of rubber bullets.'
  21. 'Sam and I quickly shook our arms and police batons fell out of our sleeves.'
  22. 'Clashes with riot police armed with batons and tear gas broke out in different areas of the city.'
  23. 'We are not talking about ‘long time police’, men armed with batons and dressed in short pants.'
  24. 'Police wielded batons and fired tear gas at the protesters.'
  25. 'Police used firearms, tear gas, grenades and batons during the confrontation.'
  26. 'All members will carry long batons, but there will only be one or two Remington shotguns using plastic bullets and beanbags.'
  27. 'It is said every soldier carries a field marshal's baton in his knapsack.'
  28. 'Victory brought Wellington a field marshal's baton, sensitively designed by the Prince Regent himself.'
  29. 'have plenty of crudités in the fridge, such as carrot batons'
  30. 'This cooking skill is all about cutting baton carrots.'
  31. 'Lightly toss your vegetable batons with a tablespoon or so of olive oil.'
  32. 'Cut the parsnips into long, thin batons 5mm (1 / 4 in) thick or use the julienne setting on your food processor.'
  33. 'Homemade beet kimchi consisted of thick batons of yellow beets steeped in mildly hot chile sauce.'
  34. 'By the 17th century a baton sinister was also used to indicate illegitimacy.'
  35. 'Petite baton hands and four baton indicators adorn the dial, which is set in a square goldtone steel case with gentle contours and a beautiful polished shine.'
  36. 'It features a black face, Arabic figures and baton hour markers, small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, ‘Black Seal’ inscription at 6 o’clock.'
  37. 'In the North East of Lombardy the Italian suits -- swords, batons, cups and coins -- are used.'
  38. 'A 40 card pack is used, usually with the Italian suits: swords, batons, cups and coins.'

More definitions

1. Music. a wand used by a conductor.

2. a rod of lightweight metal fitted with a weighted bulb at each end and carried and twirled by a drum major or majorette.

3. Track. a hollow rod of wood, paper, or plastic that is passed during a race from one member of a relay team to the next in a prescribed area.

4. a staff, club, or truncheon, especially one serving as a mark of office or authority.

5. Heraldry. a diminutive of the bend sinister, couped at the extremities: used in England as

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"charges can be baton."


Early 16th century (denoting a staff or cudgel): from French bâton, earlier baston, from late Latin bastum ‘stick’.


pass (on) the baton
take up (or pick up) the baton
under the baton of