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An implement with a handle and a solid surface, typically of wood, used for hitting the ball in games such as cricket, baseball, and table tennis.
  1. 'Depending on the type of game, we used wood or plastic bats.'
  2. 'He's one of the fastest players in baseball, and he handles the bat well for a young hitter.'
  3. 'You hit for average, you hit for power, you had the quickest bat in the game.'
  4. 'In spring play Joyner showed good bat control and played solid defense.'
  5. 'One day in grade 5, Paul brought a baseball bat and ball along to school.'
  6. 'He's one of the greatest sportsmen that ever picked up a mallet or a cricket bat.'
  7. 'He fields his position well and can handle the bat, not only bunting but putting the ball in play to help move runners.'
  8. 'For those of you who are trying to figure out what cricket is, it is a sport like baseball with bats, balls & players but the rules and ways are somewhat different.'
  9. 'There is no evidence of an ancestor of Billiards prior to this time, unless you do lower your criteria to count all the other games played with bats, balls and skittles.'
  10. 'He generates the best bat speed in the game and hits balls harder than any other batter.'
  11. 'Agarkar had a disappointing match as a bowler but did reasonably well with the bat in the second innings.'
  12. 'But we didn't start well with the bat, and there wasn't enough hardness in the middle order.'
  13. 'He will also play an important role down the order with the bat.'
  14. 'Today it was the turn of Cathryn Fitzpatrick to wreak havoc with the bat.'
  15. 'The way we started with the bat was outstanding here and we've done everything to ensure a win.'
  16. 'the team's opening bat'
  17. 'Schenke is an opening left-handed bat and right arm medium pace bowler from Sydney's Balmain Club.'
  18. 'Although his 2001 numbers were way down from his monstrous 2000 season, he is by far the best bat on the team.'
  19. 'The 28-year-old is a graduate of the Australian Cricket Academy, plays for Queensland and is a right hand bat, right arm medium pace bowler.'
  20. 'He was as solid as his father and as stolid as his uncle Sadiq: an opening bat who could bowl a useful off-break.'
  21. 'When Hands was introduced to the attack, the home side were under pressure with fielders surrounding the bat.'
  22. 'Both Border and the Australian manager, Bobby Simpson, said they had opposed the selectors' decision to drop Greg Ritchie, leaving only four specialist bats.'
  23. 'Does any other team have opening bats who spend more of their time swishing at flies outside the off stump?'
  24. 'He is a right-hand bat and right medium fast bowler.'
  25. 'He is a right-hand bat and right-arm off-break or medium-pace bowler.'
  26. 'All of the manuals reviewed as part of the investigation stated that marshalling bats should be used to minimise the risk of misinterpretation.'
  27. 'The precision engineered bat retainer ring is used to fix and centre a bat to a potter.'
  28. 'The wet clay piece is left on the bat; the bat is removed from the wheel head; and the piece remains on the masonite bat for quick drying.'


(of a sports team or player) take the role of hitting rather than throwing the ball.
  1. 'Normally the bowlers will bowl, the batsmen will bat and everyone will field.'
  2. 'He could bat reasonably well at seven but would be a tremendous addition to a team in batting at eight or nine.'
  3. 'Frankly, the team batted worse than it did in the first innings at Lahore.'
  4. 'In test cricket, where there are no limits on how long a player may bat, double centuries are considered a major achievement, but they are not all that uncommon.'
  5. 'We almost got out of the inning on our own, but mercifully, the other team had batted through the lineup, which meant it was our turn to bat.'
  6. 'Yesterday, they batted like a team without ambition.'
  7. 'Because he bats leadoff, the team needs Offerman to rebound at the plate.'
  8. 'In each inning both teams bat, until three of the batters are declared out by either three strikes delivered by the pitcher, or a catch by a fielder.'
  9. 'The players need to bat longer innings and bowl accurately with line and direction, to make a good impression in the tournament.'
  10. 'Ellis could wind up playing a major role in the offense batting leadoff.'
  11. 'she turned out to have the law batting for her'
  12. 'You talked about there being sketches that you had to really go to bat for.'
  13. 'He usually gives a virtuoso performance for which the Method school, but not Berthold Brecht, would have given him high marks As a TV performer, he leaves the critics batting for him at best, and horribly confused at worst.'
  14. 'Jim continues to go to bat for his employees, has negotiated favorable terms with the union, and still manages a booming business.'
  15. 'There is always something unnerving about the news media going into bat for their own interests; the moral fervour precludes argument.'
  16. 'Whatever the identity of the plotter, and whomever they were batting for, the aim was simple and consistent: discredit the leadership, destabilise the leader, and stay out of the open.'
Hit at (someone or something) with the flat of one's hand.
  1. 'Torafu tackled it playfully, batting it around.'
  2. 'Cresting the top of the hill where Cote d' Abraham ran into the fence, a crowd of several hundred people danced, chanted, drummed, batted a beach ball around, and tossed the occasional tear gas canister back to the cops.'
  3. '‘She finds things to play with, little twigs and stuff, and she bats them around,’ says Larson.'
  4. 'You have to learn to time your jump to bat down the ball.'
  5. 'Reaching for the cup with bruised and burned hands, Rebekah touched the smooth, cold metal before the nurse batted her fingers away.'
  6. 'She turned around, her arm sliding across the surface, but to her dismay, she had accidentally batted a cracked clay pot from the closed covers.'
  7. 'She was beckoning to me, looking around anxiously, and I was batting people out of the way, but as I approached I saw her look up at someone beside her.'
  8. 'I pushed through them like I was running through some forest batting the tree limbs out of the way.'
  9. 'They both looked into each other's eyes for long moments before Brian started batting the hanging toys around in front of Destiny and she soon joined in.'
  10. 'He picked up a sack and a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and batted down a ball at the line.'

More definitions

1. Sports. the wooden club used in certain games, as baseball and cricket, to strike the ball. a racket, especially one used in badminton or table tennis. a whip used by a jockey. the act of using a club or racket in a game. the right or turn to use a club or racket.

2. a heavy stick, club, or cudgel.

3. Informal. a blow, as with a bat.

4. any fragment of brick or hardened clay.

5. Masonry. a brick cut transversely so as to leave one end whole.

6. British Slang. speed; rate of motion

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be bat."

"breaks can be bat."


(bat)Late Old English batt ‘club, stick, staff’, perhaps partly from Old French batte, from battre ‘to strike’.


bat around (or about)
bat something around (or about)