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A sturdy hunting dog of a breed with a long body, short legs, and long drooping ears.
  1. 'The basset hound jumped out of the car and wagged his tail as soon as the door opened, and he trotted happily up to the front door of the house.'
  2. 'A family are delighted to be reunited with their black and white basset hound who ran away from her home on Wednesday, March 17.'
  3. 'Certain images repeat in many of your movies: flocks of birds, biblical quotes, your pet basset hound.'
  4. 'Yet, at 23 kilos, it weighs no more than a small basset hound.'
  5. 'Turnip, his basset hound puppy, was pacing around dejectedly with him.'
  6. 'Also, he's beginning to resemble a basset hound.'
  7. 'She groaned inwardly as the basset hound heaved a sigh.'
  8. 'He was a rather thin and sickly looking middle-aged man, with a long nose, and that seemingly perpetual look of sadness, much resembling a basset hound's.'
  9. 'Outside her only friend is a basset hound.'
  10. 'In my experience, the basset and Rottweilers are great apartment dogs.'

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1. one of a breed of hounds having short legs, long body and ears, and usually a black, tan, and white coat.

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"hounds can be basset."


(basset)Early 17th century: from French, diminutive of bas ‘low’, from medieval Latin bassus ‘short’.