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The lowest adult male singing voice.
  1. 'He was easily recognisable not merely by virtue of his profound bass baritone voice, but because of his girth.'
  2. 'The truck driver joined in, his low bass voice singing with me about how feeling good could be easy… it could.'
  3. 'These are the opening words of the play, sung as a bass solo.'
  4. 'The singing here is splendid,with the man continuing to impress with both his rich bass voice and fine sense for drama.'
  5. 'Alto, soprano, bass and tenor, I think they are called.'
  6. 'When he did have strong bass or tenor soloists, Handel could and did write strong parts for them.'
  7. 'The basses are really light, high baritones, and I miss a certain richness in the sound.'
  8. 'He acquired his nickname singing the bass harmony second voice.'
  9. 'It is played and sung with conviction, and his is one of the great bass voices.'
  10. 'She looked into the depths of the dark eyes that only she could see, and listened to the songs that he sang in his deep bass voice, which only she could hear.'
  11. 'The soloists are excellent too; only the bass sounds a little weather-beaten.'
  12. 'The society is currently looking for tenors basses, altos and sopranos to join the adult choir.'
  13. 'A third passage features a two-part canonic effect, grouping the sopranos with the tenors, and the altos with the basses.'
  14. 'He is a strong, imposing bass who also lends character to the performance.'
  15. 'As he only comes to notice a year before he joined Handel's company, the bass who sang so vigorously in those early arias written for him must have been remarkably young.'
  16. 'As I mentioned, last night there were three singers the choir - two basses and a soprano - off singing in a performance of the Rachmaninov Vespers.'
  17. 'The choir needs six more trebles aged seven to 14, a couple of basses and tenors, and perhaps an alto or two.'
  18. 'She stood with four other sopranos, six contraltos, six tenors, and five basses.'
  19. 'We've always had a choir made up of boy and girl trebles, together with male altos, tenors and basses.'
  20. 'In the ‘Choral’ Symphony, the bass is an imposing soloist, and the chorus sings with inspiration.'
  21. 'The bass clashed against the rhythm in perfect harmony.'
  22. 'There are not many singers capable of singing the bass solo because you need a very powerful voice and an extensive range.'
  23. 'I particularly noted the basses of the chorus as they sinisterly intoned the conspirators music.'
  24. 'In the original music for chorus, basses have something better to do than to hold a note.'
  25. 'The association began prohibiting boys from singing alto or soprano and girls from singing tenor or bass about two years ago.'
  26. 'For this piece we have two of the voice-parts: a bass that sings continuously, and a tenor that participates only in full sections.'
  27. 'It's scored for four tenors and two basses - which confines the vocal range of the work to a mere two octaves.'
Denoting the member of a family of instruments that is the lowest in pitch.
  1. 'The bass oboe is called the baryton in France, but is at least, more or less what it says it is; logic at last!'
  2. 'He plays Celtic whistle, didgeridoo, panpipes, flute and bass flute in his trademark blend of Celtic, classical, jazz and folk music.'
  3. 'It was her ability to play her instrument, the bass guitar, well that earned her these new friends.'
  4. 'Apart from the organ, the only other instrument is a bass violin.'
  5. 'He also hits the keyboards, drums, bass guitar, and pitches in on background vocals.'
  6. 'Can you advise me on how I can persuade him to take up a real instrument like say the bass trombone?'
  7. 'My aunt and uncle both played trombone, my Grandma played bass clarinet and they have an organ; the one I taught myself on when I was little.'
  8. 'The bass oboe is an octave lower than the oboe (in C) and is called a ‘baryton’ in France!'
  9. 'He leads the way with his throaty bass saxophone.'
  10. 'At least in the imaginary versions for bass tuba or kettledrum I wager to say that he is right.'
  11. 'He studied piano, violin, bass, and voice at Oakham.'
  12. 'Viola, piano and bass - hardly sounds very punk rock, does it?'
  13. 'The stripped-down band of guitars, bass and percussion creates a beautiful simplicity in direct contrast to what is perceived as Latin music today.'
  14. 'Without the warmth of a bass, this album sounds like you are playing it through the tinniest speakers with the treble turned all the way up to 11.'
  15. 'Although most commonly taught to violin players, the method can also be used with instruments such as viola, cello, flute, bass and guitar.'
  16. 'The deadpan vocals are suitably dark but lack the power to cut through the layers of underwater guitar and bass.'
  17. 'He plays standard lead and rhythm electric guitar, lap steel and slide guitar, bass, and mandolin, all equally well.'
  18. 'The new album features more acoustic sounds and an upright bass, with no keyboards.'
  19. 'But isn't there a difference between playing guitar and bass?'
  20. 'Everything clicks on this one - the drums, bass and guitar runs are truly inspired.'
The low-frequency output of a radio or audio system, corresponding to the bass in music.
  1. 'It was a sight to see the inmates showing interest in the proceedings and enjoying the heavy bass of music that boomed out through speakers.'
  2. 'They can boost bass and remove noise, including the pops and clicks from old analog sources.'
  3. 'Thud acts like a dynamic bass EQ and is good for instruments and vocals.'
  4. 'We sat in a contemplative silence, and I closed my eyes and rested my head against the brick, feeling the pulsing bass of the music through the wall.'
  5. 'Slip in an audio disc and the sound astounds, with sumptuous bass and smooth vocals.'
  6. 'The sound is pretty good - a very nice Dolby 5.1 mix fills the room with modest bass and atmospheric music and detailed sounds.'
  7. 'The heavy bass of the music, combined with the shrieking laughs of drunk girls reminds me of why I like to avoid parties.'
  8. 'Some of these songs have a varying beat and indications of some intelligent musicianship, not like the penetrating bass that thunders out from cars and flats wherever you go.'
  9. 'A synth noise comes in before bass and a strong synth line drops at around the 0: 40 mark.'
  10. 'There is an audible buzz throughout, and any bass in the music breaks apart into a dreadful fuzzy haze.'


  1. 'Natural African bass fibre is coarse, stiff and provides good flexibility for use in upright floor sweeps and as a blend with other fibres for other applications.'
  2. 'Bass is principally used in yard brooms and road rollers.'

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1. low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range: a bass voice; a bass instrument.

2. of or relating to the lowest part in harmonic music. noun

3. the bass part.

4. a bass voice, singer, or instrument.

5. double bass.

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"people can be bass on songs."

"people can be bass in bedrooms."

"people can be bass for years."

"players can be bass."

"shares can be bass."

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(bass)Late 17th century: alteration.