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The underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
  1. 'He attempted to use the support of the navy to lay the basis of an armed force under his own command.'
  2. 'I come to these conclusions concerning her ability to support herself on these bases.'
  3. 'This second possibility was the basis on which the judge awarded her damages.'
  4. 'Ideas which saw the internet not just as the basis for a new market sector, but a whole new economy.'
  5. 'But a number of faulty assumptions seem to form the basis for some of your arguments.'
  6. 'They both took issue with the logical basis of the Design argument.'
  7. 'He laid the basis for modern ideas of democracy and the legitimacy of majority rule.'
  8. 'In my judgment the decision can be supported on the same basis.'
  9. 'I hope this was evident to you as this has always been the basis of our support.'
  10. 'He was arguing for a return to the clubs as the basis for building a strong foundation for the game in Scotland.'
  11. 'she needed coaching on a regular basis'
  12. 'It is time for Labour in Scotland to remake the argument for the Union on a modern basis.'
  13. 'The point is, though, they will do it on a voluntary basis based on their recent experiences.'
  14. 'We intend to carry out similar operations on a regular basis over the coming months.'
  15. 'The media exposes us on a daily basis to the idea that things are not as good as they seem.'
  16. 'They also require evidence that these checks are carried out on a regular basis by staff at the home.'
  17. 'Although my husband is a lieutenant in a support unit I fear for his life on a daily basis.'
  18. 'The council supports the scheme on the basis it will help to meet a housing shortage in the district.'
  19. 'There is no doubt that loyalism attracted a fair degree of support on this basis.'
  20. 'We try to figure out what is so, reasoning on the basis of what we already know.'
  21. 'The force of that argument depends upon the basis upon which the measure of damages is arrived at.'
  22. 'The topics were mixed up, and the recipients were not told of the basis of the topic selection.'
  23. 'Second, lump sum payments are worked out on the basis of an assumed life expectancy.'
  24. 'It's about time this issue was discussed rationally on the basis of the facts.'
  25. 'If he cannot be relied on as an impartial expert witness on the basis of his professional stature then no one can.'
  26. 'There is really, so far as I can see, no good basis for supporting a change in their position.'
  27. 'As a matter of fact, it is not possible to justify this attack on the basis of international law.'

More definitions

1. the bottom or base of anything; the part on which something stands or rests.

2. anything upon which something is based; fundamental principle; groundwork.

3. the principal constituent; fundamental ingredient.

4. a basic fact, amount, standard, etc., used in making computations, reaching conclusions, or the like: The nurse is paid on an hourly basis. He was chosen on the basis of his college grades.

5. Mathematics. a set of linearly inde

More examples(as adjective)

"differentials can be basis."

"couples can be basis."


Late 16th century (denoting a base or pedestal): via Latin from Greek, ‘stepping’. Compare with base.