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Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy.
  1. 'suddenly bashful, she could think of nothing to say'
  2. 'He's not at all bashful about photographing us older folks, either.'
  3. '‘We do discuss it among ourselves, not just at school,’ Ian, from Cleckheaton, told me in a bashful tone.'
  4. 'But Mr Desmond is not known for being particularly image-conscious or bashful.'
  5. 'But the bashful hero politely declined before going back to base.'
  6. 'School sports are not for the bashful, and privacy expectations are limited.'
  7. 'He's also not bashful about experimenting with them while recording, which makes for some pretty funny gaffes.'
  8. 'Once there, her life begins, from crawling to walking, through playful child, bashful teenager, lover and mother, into old age.'
  9. 'I noticed a flush on Angie's cheek as Christopher smiled, bashful but reserved.'
  10. 'The staff are very approachable and we let more bashful people wander around to avoid embarrassment unless they ask us.'
  11. 'People genuinely do seem bashful about pressing the ‘call flight attendant’ button.'


1. uncomfortably diffident and easily embarrassed; shy; timid.

2. indicative of, accompanied by, or proceeding from bashfulness.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be bashful about things."

"people can be bashful about places."

"people can be bashful about goings."

"people can be bashful about askings."

"geologists can be bashful to theorises."

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Late 15th century: from obsolete bash ‘make or become abashed’ (from abash) + -ful.