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Forming or belonging to a bottom layer or base.
  1. 'the plant grows huge basal leaves'
  2. 'These cells originate in the lower epidermis by division of basal cells in the basal layer.'
  3. 'Cells are replaced from a basal layer of proliferating epidermal cells in contact with the basal lamina.'


1. of, at, or forming the base.

2. forming a basis; fundamental; basic.

3. Physiology. indicating a standard low level of activity of an organism, as during total rest. of an amount required to maintain this level.

4. Medicine/Medical. serving to induce a preliminary or light anesthesia prior to total anesthetization.

More examples(as adjective)

"secretions can be basal."

"concentrations can be basal."

"pressures can be basal."

"outputs can be basal."

"gastrins can be basal."

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