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Except for; if not for.
  1. 'The subject of the pieces, barring studio sketches and a few paintings, is Newfoundland life.'
  2. 'The 127 works on display are mostly water paintings, barring a few oil and knife paintings.'
  3. 'Well, the plan at this point is to try to do some writing tonight, and barring that, tomorrow afternoon.'
  4. 'The sowing of almost all crops, barring pulses, has been adversely affected.'
  5. 'The six-coach fully air conditioned train will run for six days in a week, barring Tuesdays.'
  6. 'Doesn't mean we have to be that way or do those things but, barring intervention, we're likely to.'
  7. 'His nemesis, Corrigan, was left out of the Irish squad named last week and barring injury he won't be coming back.'
  8. 'It may be noted here that all the vehicles coming into the city from Mysore, barring trucks, use this road.'
  9. 'When people buy pets, they should keep them until death does them part, barring a few exceptional cases.'
  10. 'The nail has been removed, and barring infection it is believed the aged man will live.'

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1. excepting; except for: Barring accidents, I'll be there.

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"circumstances can be barring."

"developments can be barring."

"surprises can be barring."

"offers can be barring."

"newses can be barring."

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Late 15th century: from the verb bar + -ing.