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Closed or secured with a long rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material.
  1. 'a barred gate'
  2. 'The building seems to guard its secrets, the barred apertures underscoring its function as a defensive structure.'
  3. 'The light-striped canopy resembles a barred cage, where he crouches like an animal.'
  4. 'We witness the characters' first unmediated encounters with the world outside their barred back door.'
  5. 'His ominous office is a barred detention room lit by an overhead crisscross of harsh neon lights.'
  6. 'The safe is secured by an internal barred door and an external steel door several inches thick.'
Marked with bands of colour or light.
  1. 'This is no cross-barred handkerchief to carry my dinner!'
  2. 'Juvenile goshawks have disctinctive thick streaks against a buffy background on the underparts, and an irregularly barred tail.'
  3. 'Within minutes, a woodpecker with a white-barred black mantle and red crown landed on the same tree.'
  4. 'The barred-winged rail was a species of bird in the Rallidae family.'
  5. 'The male lacks the barred throat and breast pattern of the Lichtenstein's sandgrouse.'


1. provided with one or more bars: a barred prison window.

2. striped; streaked: barred fabrics.

3. Ornithology. (of feathers) marked with transverse bands of distinctive color.

More examples(as adjective)

"teachers can be barred from unions."

"servants can be barred from unions."

"tradings can be barred from auctions."

"themselveses can be barred from things."

"places can be barred from bodies."

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