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(of a tree or woody shrub) having bark of a specified kind.
  1. 'Evolution prepared the gray-barked giants to withstand the fast-burning low flames of grass fires.'
  2. 'All four study areas consisted of remnant eucalyptus forest dominated by rough-barked tree species.'
  3. 'The thick-skinned, yellow-barked ponderosa pines are known as "yellowbellies."'


1. the abrupt, harsh, explosive cry of a dog.

2. a similar sound made by another animal, as a fox.

3. a short, explosive sound, as of firearms: the bark of a revolver.

4. a brusque order, reply, etc.: The foreman's bark sent the idlers back to their machines.

5. a cough. verb (used without object)

6. (of a dog or other animal) to utter an abrupt, explosive cry or a series of such cries.

7. to make a similar sound: The big guns barked.

8. to speak or cry out sharply or g

More examples(as adjective)

"orders can be barked."

"commands can be barked."

"warnings can be barked."

"unconvincinglies can be barked."

"trees can be barked."

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