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The state of being bankrupt.
  1. count noun 'a 7 per cent increase in bankruptcies'
  2. 'Instead, as Samuelson notes, much of the increase was due to layoffs, bankruptcies and cutbacks.'
  3. 'The Enterprise Bill will help to reduce the stigma associated with honest failures, including bad-luck bankruptcies.'
  4. 'It is not surprising, given the number of high profile bankruptcies, that investors are noticeably worried about bad debt provisions.'
  5. 'Banks recognize that in a recession, lower interest rates may be necessary to spur growth and prevent bankruptcies.'
  6. 'This can only be done either by mergers or bankruptcies.'
  7. 'During a recession, the increase in bankruptcies and the fall in asset prices shrink the asset bases of the banks.'
  8. 'The empirical model for explaining delinquencies is similar to the one for explaining bankruptcies.'
  9. 'This in turn raises the risk of bank bankruptcies and therefore causes banks to curtail the expansion of credit.'
  10. 'This engendered a complete repudiation of the policy for a considerable period of time following the two bankruptcies.'
  11. 'For this, keep an eye on newspaper reports of bankruptcies.'
The state of being completely lacking in a particular good quality.
  1. 'Needless to say, they still haven't come to terms with their moral bankruptcy.'
  2. 'I suspect it's a sign of political and moral bankruptcy that probably isn't treatable.'
  3. 'The demons of hell are having a celebration, cheering the moral bankruptcy of our generation!'
  4. 'Now, we see a genuine case of the painful price being paid for moral bankruptcy.'
  5. 'It's a testament to the moral bankruptcy of our business leaders that they are not.'
  6. 'Her literary debut, The Grass Is Singing, exposed the moral bankruptcy of the white settler culture.'
  7. 'This type of moral and epistemic bankruptcy is now entrenched in the corporation's output.'
  8. 'They are guilty of the violence of silence, of indifference and of intellectual bankruptcy.'
  9. 'What followed was flagrant musical bankruptcy and the insufferable drone of banal music.'

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1. the state of being or becoming bankrupt.

2. utter ruin, failure, depletion, or the like.

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"authorities can be bankruptcy."