Adjective "Bank" Definition and Examples




    1. a long pile or heap; mass: a bank of earth; a bank of clouds.

    2. a slope or acclivity.

    3. Physical Geography. the slope immediately bordering a stream course along which the water normally runs.

    4. a broad elevation of the sea floor around which the water is relatively shallow but not a hazard to surface navigation.

    5. Coal Mining. the surface around the mouth of a shaft.

    6. Also called cant, superelevation. the inclination of the bed of a banked road or railroad.

    7. Aeronautic



    "people can be bank on build-ups."

    "operatings can be bank in countries."

    "executives can be bank in worlds."

    "directives can be bank in places."

    "barrings can be bank from things."

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