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Threatening harm; menacing.
  1. 'In his last great battle there was only a baleful and ridiculous malignancy.'
  2. 'Finally, I disagree with his conception of human nature, inasmuch as I don't believe the baleful features of human life that he refers to are ‘inherent features’ of human nature.'
  3. 'In 1920, another baleful Armistice Day was looming.'
  4. 'Whenever an election turns into a three-ring circus, I cast my baleful eye upon the proceedings and wonder what's really going on in the heart that beats beneath the fright wig.'
  5. 'It rose far above her, untouched by light and staring at her through baleful eyes.'
  6. 'I saw the baleful look she shot me in the dim light coming from the street.'
  7. 'The angel looked up again, casting a baleful scowl at the Academy, in all its splendour.'
  8. 'Green's presence is arresting, to be sure, although her chief contribution comes in the form of seductive, baleful, or haunted glaring, which makes her a perfect complement for Bloom's Balian.'
  9. 'If it's possible to cast a baleful glance with one eye shut, then she did it.'
  10. 'They're sitting on my ‘to read’ shelf next to my desk right now, staring up at me with baleful spines as if to warn me that if I don't read them soon, there'll be trouble.'
  11. 'the baleful influence of Rasputin'
  12. 'But by now, it should be clear that apart from the baleful influence of science, and to a degree because of it, modernism has been completely hamstrung by its realism.'
  13. 'But clearly they were seeking protection from something they perceived to be potentially baleful or harmful.'
  14. 'Alexandra blamed herself for her son's illness, and in seeking answers to alleviate her guilt, came under the baleful influence of Siberian monk and mystic Rasputin.'
  15. 'Its stultifying and baleful influence is transmitted by the clammy grip of its three main tentacles: the universities; the ‘experts’, and, above all, the media.'
  16. 'The second is the baleful effect of regulation.'
  17. 'The war has had an ubiquitous and baleful effect on U.S. foreign policy.'
  18. 'Derrida became a flashpoint for controversies over the allegedly baleful influence of postmodernism and post-structuralism on the Humanities.'

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1. full of menacing or malign influences; pernicious.

2. Obsolete. wretched; miserable.

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"glares can be baleful."

"glances can be baleful."

"eyes can be baleful."

"looks can be baleful."

"influences can be baleful."

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