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Easily annoyed or made angry.
  1. 'All the rest had found suitable partners, but Kalemeleme was so gentle that he would not stand up for his own rights, or anyone else's, while Kinku was so bad-tempered that no one could stand his tantrums for long.'
  2. 'Lack of testosterone leaves men bad-tempered, emotional, depressed and suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome, scientist Gerald Lincoln told BBC radio's recently.'
  3. 'Thousands of desperate-looking bad-tempered people had descended on Oxford Street in general and Selfridges in particular and were swarming like so many mad bees looking for a so-called bargain.'
  4. 'What prompted the Weekly Standard to publish his collection of bad-tempered, ignorant, off-the-mark comments about him and about contemporary literature is a greater mystery.'
  5. 'She has a voluble and attractive personality, but even if she were cranky and bad-tempered I'd still go there because the food's really good.'
  6. 'When he isn't working, he's grumpy and bad-tempered.'
  7. 'You are a bad-tempered, petulant and irritable man lacking in your professional duties to your patients.'
  8. 'Mr Layton was due before a disciplinary committee to answer charges that he was unhelpful to Pocklington's new arts centre and its staff, and sarcastic and bad-tempered in general.'
  9. 'The Japanese say you should cook food in a state of Zen-like equilibrium, giving any bad-tempered chefs the day off because the mood will communicate to the dish being prepared.'
  10. 'What could have been a bland disease-of-the-week series gets a shot of adrenaline whenever Dr Gregory House, a bad-tempered, contemptuous diagnostician, is made to exercise his bedside manner.'
  11. 'a bad-tempered match'
  12. 'Trouble was avoided but a player was struck by a coin in a bad-tempered match which boasted the biggest security operation since Euro '96.'
  13. 'Whatever the opposite of rose-coloured glasses may be, this book is it: whatever occurs, whether for good or bad, is marked by a bad-tempered refusal to accept anything other than the darkest interpretation of events.'
  14. 'Kilkenny won a rather bad-tempered game by 2-14 to 2-9.'
  15. 'During a bad-tempered exchange, Mr Lawlor said the retired developer had named several ministers as having been at the meeting as part of his ‘wild, wicked allegations.’'
  16. 'This attempt at self-denial lasted approximately one minute, after which I gave up and found myself agreeing with all the bad-tempered, curmudgeonly opinions being aired.'
  17. 'The subsequent round-table sequence of statements from prime ministers at the end of a bad-tempered evening did more harm than good, he told officials.'
  18. 'The bad-tempered week-night tie between two clubs in the Hull Sunday League at the city's Costello playing fields ended with a free-for-all as spectators piled onto the pitch and kicked and punched a player on the floor.'
  19. 'In what was a physical, bad-tempered affair, scenes that could be associated with a Saturday night brawl in Dodge City erupted midway in the second half.'
  20. 'If the closing minutes were meaty and bad-tempered, the opening exchanges had been more pleasant if no less intense.'
  21. 'But it's still a huge achievement - a mighty course perched above sharp clifftops overlooking the bad-tempered North Sea.'



1. cross; cranky; surly; ill-tempered: a bad-tempered person.

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"people can be bad-tempered with people."

"dairymens can be bad-tempered at times."

"people can be bad-tempered."

"matches can be bad-tempered."

"games can be bad-tempered."

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