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The rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips.
  1. as modifier 'back pain'
  2. 'If you get a bad back or do a shoulder in, they just want to give you the sack.'
  3. 'Some protesters applied face and body paint while others attached angel wings to their backs.'
  4. 'All healthy babies under 1 year old should sleep on their backs.'
  5. 'As they worked, no one complained of the pain in their backs or hands, but no one talked either.'
  6. 'Most of the local women harvest seaweed for which they bend at the waist for long hours with poor body posture, and the men also strain their backs working as fishermen or in construction.'
  7. 'Melanomas can occur anywhere on the body but are most frequently found on the upper backs and legs.'
  8. 'At times I was unable to walk and had severe pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders all the time.'
  9. 'Through this great teacher I have learned how to keep my back free from pain.'
  10. 'Her long hair fell down her back and over her shoulders as she just stood almost as still as stone.'
  11. 'I smiled, putting one hand on his shoulder and tapping the back of some tall guy in front of us.'
  12. 'High above, two sea eagles swoop and dive, the light flashing bronze tints off their backs.'
  13. 'I wonder who can tell me what you would call that ugly animal with a great big hump on its back that is condemned to live in a desert.'
  14. 'The beetles' backs are covered with bumps - under a microscope, they resemble a landscape of peaks and valleys.'
  15. 'Pangolins are conspicuous and remarkable because their backs are covered with large, overlapping scales made up of agglutinated hairs.'
  16. 'Fences were put up, but shelter and feed were lacking; during the harsh winters, snow would pile high on the animals' backs.'
  17. 'By analogy with modern amphipods it is thought that these animals may have swum on their backs and fed on suspended particles.'
  18. 'However the caps of Chestnut-backs are brown rather than black, and their backs, shoulders, and sides are a deep chestnut color.'
  19. 'While the accident left her with a broken back and severed spine, it did not stifle her sense of adventure.'
  20. 'MacManaway diagnosed a trapped nerve in the middle of her back and manipulated her spine to ease the pain.'
  21. 'He was placed on a spine board after damaging his back, neck and head in the crash.'
  22. 'Small vessels had been sunk outright, huge slabs of stone breaking their backs, while larger ships had been cratered and shattered by the rocks.'
  23. 'You may put your arms out in front of you or hold the back of a sturdy chair for balance.'
  24. 'Handbags, mobile phones on tables, coats on backs of chairs are all easy pickings for light-fingered thieves.'
  25. 'The walls were plastered in expensive paintings and the couches were long and fancy with wooden arm rests and intricately carved backs.'
  26. 'He has poured himself a glass of champagne and put his arm around her, resting his hand on the back of her wooden chair.'
  27. 'Ample walnut chairs had high backs and were painted, finished a mecca, or left in the natural walnut color.'
  28. 'He looked around the small room and found his jacket and shirt draped over the back of a chair.'
  29. 'Still, even for the rich, chair backs were straight and clothes were tight because politeness mattered more than comfort.'
  30. 'The jacket is on the back of the chair and the security pass lies on the desk next to piles of paperwork.'
  31. 'Friends and family bound into the house, tracking in mud or snow, stashing coats in already overstuffed closets or heaping them over the backs of chairs.'
  32. 'The restaurant has heavy starched white linen tablecloths and huge antique Siamese chairs with mother-of-pearl inlaid backs.'
  33. 'a top with a scooped neckline and a low back'
  34. 'He had a ring in left eyebrow, and wore jeans and a grey anorak with writing on the back.'
  35. 'The offensive slogan is written is written in letters six inches high on the back of the garment.'
  36. 'With low backs and plunging necklines, this fashion has become more and more popular among teenagers and adults alike and local swimwear stores say sales are booming.'
  37. 'Bowlers involved will wear sponsor logos on their shirt backs and right sleeves.'
  38. 'the Press are on my back'
  39. 'I mean, I guess she's still meddling, but at least she's off our backs.'
  40. 'Who wouldn't like the chance to get the boss off their backs?'
  41. 'They'd be happy to get him off their backs.'
  42. 'Tonight, is it enough to get the paparazzi off their backs?'
  43. 'Vote to get government off our backs.'
  44. 'The bank are on their back, and it would be prudent not to deny the possibility of a quick sale at the right price.'
  45. 'We went to a nearby restaurant and ate our fill and we were making the most noise cheering and laughing away for our massive success and the great load off our backs.'
  46. 'And it can be difficult to let it roll off our backs when someone is nasty or ignorant.'
  47. 'Get off their backs, and get the rest of the gurus and government know-alls off their backs at the same time.'
  48. 'In general terms, Reagan pledged to return, or advance, to a free market and to ‘get government off our backs.’'
The side or part of something that is away from the spectator or from the direction in which it moves or faces; the rear.
  1. 'a rubber dinghy with an engine at the back'
  2. 'The main bedroom is at the back of the house and has two sash windows and an 18th century pine fireplace.'
  3. 'Sulkily, the publicist moves to the back of the bar but Sinclair is still scowling.'
  4. 'He quickly moved to the back of the tour bus where we were sitting and spoke softly.'
  5. 'I move to the back of the room, sitting against the wall and staring at the cute cow.'
  6. 'There are residential facilities, but most pitch a tent on land at the back of the centre.'
  7. 'Young children have also been putting their lives at risk by hanging on the back of fire engines while they are on the move.'
  8. 'The night was such a success that spectators paid to stand at the back of the hall after all the seats were filled.'
  9. 'Then he stands up and moves to the back of the room, by the door they come in and out of.'
  10. 'The supermodel and her companion then stood up and moved to the back of the bar.'
  11. 'The bus is practically empty, so they move to the back as the bus lurches forwards.'
  12. 'Three wins at their back, they'll fear no one next time out.'
  13. 'At least for the last four or five miles today the wind was at our back.'
  14. 'We would have paddled farther yesterday with the wind at our back but we were all wet and tired and ready for some rest.'
  15. 'Hearts were now surging forward with a strong wind at their back and they swept further into the lead six minutes later.'
  16. 'You just can't go out and not perform in the first half in an All-Ireland semi-final and that's what we did with the wind at our back.'
  17. 'Liverpool had that same feeling last season, and it helps to have a bit of luck and the wind at your back.'
  18. 'Each star was dedicated to someone and messages of remembrance were written on the back.'
  19. 'I felt a sharp pain in the back of my leg which got much worse when I fell down.'
  20. 'Information about threatened animals turns up on toy packaging or the backs of cereal boxes, even in children's songs.'
  21. 'I have a series of photos of the family that I like very much because someone wrote on the backs of them describing the subject and where the photo was taken.'
  22. 'Inside was a thick stack of 8x10s. Lipton looked through the stack slowly, reading the notes he had written on the backs of each photo.'
  23. 'He thinks his day rucksack saved his life, protecting his spine and the back of his neck during the fall.'
  24. 'When police examined his car, left on the motorway, they found a note written on the back of a bus timetable.'
A player in a team game who plays in a defensive position behind the forwards.
  1. 'After the restart, gaps were beginning to open on both sides with only a wet ball and lack of game time preventing the backs from both teams putting on a show.'
  2. 'Communication between corners and safeties needs to improve, and the team is using defensive backs that don't complement each other.'
  3. 'Now he's not even on the field when the team uses seven defensive backs.'
  4. 'He invited Lewis to join the team's defensive backs for happy hour every Friday at a local restaurant.'
  5. 'His 17.9-yard average per catch gets the undivided attention of defensive backs around the league.'
  6. 'It they stay put, the Saints will eye a wide receiver or defensive end because the draft is thin for defensive backs, the team's primary need.'
  7. 'He can get behind defensive backs, but he is very good at catching a quick hitch, breaking tackles and making a big play.'
  8. 'The team's defensive backs no longer are being picked on.'
  9. 'Too many times, the defensive backs simply hit players and seem to be hoping they will fail.'
  10. 'He also included some first team backs who held the key to the result since the forwards were reasonably well matched.'
The grounds of Cambridge colleges which back on to the River Cam.


    In the opposite direction from the one that one is facing or travelling towards.
    1. 'she walked away without looking back'
    2. 'Nichole was jerked back towards Tristan as he grabbed the wrist on her other arm.'
    3. 'He closed more of the distance, pushed me so that there was no room to move back.'
    4. 'The foreshortened platform encouraged the actors to move back toward the scenic area of the stage.'
    5. 'he leaned back in his chair'
    6. 'Kan leaned back against his office chair and crossed both feet at the corner of his desk.'
    7. 'I smiled at Josh as he leaned back into his chair, hands crossed behind his head.'
    8. 'It was there that I found him, leaning back in his chair, one foot propped on Connie's lap.'
    9. 'As the link screen went blank, Van Tonder leaned back in his chair and sighed deeply.'
    10. 'Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or suggest he lie down in the bedroom.'
    11. 'After he had got the car on the highway, he relaxed, closing his eyes and leaning back.'
    12. 'It permitted him to relax, lean back in the big comfortable seat and watch the scenery go by.'
    13. 'With my neck craned back, I can count the screws in the shelves on the far side of the room.'
    14. 'I don the headset, close my notebook, turn off the overhead light and lean back to enjoy the movie.'
    15. 'She leaned back in her chair and propped her feet into the basket under the chair in front of her.'
    16. 'Rankin leans back in his seat in the club canteen after training and extols the team spirit at his new home.'
    17. 'I can see four or five rigids a few miles back thermalling up at my level and a couple higher.'
    18. 'It may be best to make the type very large and to sit far back from the screen.'
    19. 'Shortly before dawn, the police began pushing back the crowd from the centre of the square.'
    20. 'Sam patted his back in fake sympathy before pushing back her chair to leave the table.'
    21. 'He had left the village some miles back and was deep in the English countryside now.'
    22. 'the team was five points back'
    So as to return to an earlier or normal position or condition.
    1. 'he drove to Glasgow and back in a day'
    2. 'Once the floodwaters had peaked, it was still days before water levels were back to normal.'
    3. 'Getting back to normal is the best thing I can hope for, but it'll be a different normal than it was before.'
    4. 'Once back in the UK, it is usually possible to get things sorted out to our satisfaction.'
    5. 'I am afraid, but I am also relieved that we will be able to get our lives back to normal again.'
    6. 'Miraculously all he seems to require is a quick hug and a kiss where he bumped his head and he goes straight back to sleep.'
    7. 'He did not enjoy retirement at all so he loved being back in his normal daily routine.'
    8. 'Her reading, writing and concentration are improving and her diet is virtually back to normal.'
    9. 'They have faced five months of not knowing whether they would get their jobs back.'
    10. 'Three months have passed and everything seems to have gone back to normal.'
    11. 'We note on the other hand that the applicant made it clear what he really wanted was his job back.'
    12. 'the folks back home are counting on him'
    13. 'Meanwhile back in the real world Clive has published his new pamphlet.'
    14. 'Meanwhile back in reality Kate, Locke and Michael have decided to brave the forest to hunt for food.'
    15. 'So they never actually see just how stupefyingly dull this sport can be for the folks back home.'
    16. 'The good folks back home would never know the difference.'
    17. 'Meanwhile back at the London press conference, reactions were a little more muted.'
    18. 'Meanwhile, back in the ring, Ferguson has come round and slowly stumbles to his feet.'
    19. 'sideburns are back'
    20. 'Small companies, where many a retail punter likes to invest, are also back in fashion.'
    21. 'Flat caps are back in fashion, you know!'
    22. 'Then we were in a band called Flared Generation, where we tried to bring flares back into fashion.'
    23. 'Nowhere else in Scotland has exploded back into fashion like the Park area of Glasgow.'
    In or into the past.
    1. 'I think I may have heard him speak once, back then, but I don't remember it too clearly.'
    2. 'They want to get off the sales cycle and return to the glorious past that existed back at the dawn of the computing age.'
    3. 'Many times, historical fiction does the best job of leading the mind's eye back to past monarchs.'
    4. 'A few weeks back I mentioned this to Tom Smith and asked whether Williams had changed his ways.'
    5. 'Now, does anyone have any objection to my doing what I mentioned a few posts back?'
    6. 'It is pretty poor not to get a response to an MP's letter that was written back in December.'
    7. 'Go back a few years and past examples of new indices and trackers don't inspire much confidence either.'
    In return.
    1. 'He replied simply as he smiled at me which caused me to give a slight smile back at him.'
    2. 'It made the heart strings go just watching her and seeing her smile back at me.'
    3. 'He wrote back agreeing it was a serious matter and would keep me informed as plans developed.'
    4. 'She smiled back at him, as he brought her hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles gently.'
    5. 'Since I had, as usual, gone to almost obsessive lengths to get my facts right, I wrote back.'
    6. 'She smiles, I smile back, pick up the red wine I've bought her, and we make our way to a table.'
    7. 'Mowbray sometimes barks at Burley on the training ground, but the manager smiles back.'
    8. 'I smiled back at him, a little confused, but followed the direction of his gaze.'
    9. 'I want to shout back but I just smile from under my umbrella and carry on up the street.'
    10. 'Michele wrote back and said that she would be delighted to attend the prize-giving.'

    More definitions

    1. the rear part of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.

    2. the part of the body of animals corresponding to the human back.

    3. the rear portion of any part of the body: the back of the head.

    4. the whole body, with reference to clothing: the clothes on his back.

    5. ability for labor; effort; endurance: He put his back into the task.

    6. the part opposite to or farthest from the front; the rear part: the back of a hall.

    7. the part that fo

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    "unions can be back in/at/on years."

    "products can be back by legislations."

    "people can be back out of presences."

    "housings can be back in/at/on years."

    "futures can be back in/at/on months."

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