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Causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.
  1. 'the wheelbarrow can be awkward to manoeuvre'
  2. 'His claims that the tribunal has shown bias towards him still leave a number of awkward issues to be dealt with.'
  3. 'They're reluctant to make much of it because they know that a writer who asks too many awkward questions soon gets labelled as ‘difficult’.'
  4. 'It becomes increasingly difficult when it occurs so repeatedly not to start asking awkward questions.'
  5. 'The lack of sliding side doors sees the Trajet lose out to the Kia here, and the seats can be more awkward and harder to fit.'
  6. 'The wood was hard and awkward, the stone ice cold during most of the year.'
  7. 'Their stance is one of unswerving resistance, but their films, while dealing with awkward topics, have never been demagogic.'
  8. 'They have the right to ask some awkward questions.'
  9. 'O'Brien's hectic schedule may have been cast aside this weekend as he prepares to deal with many awkward questions, which may include some of the following.'
  10. 'He dealt with an awkward question on devolution with the surety and intelligence you would expect from a man who refused to be bullied into Vietnam.'
  11. 'Unfortunately, this versatility has meant that the user controls are somewhat awkward and very difficult to master.'
  12. 'He seems to be an actor perfectly suited to kitchen sink dramas in an age when demand from that sort of awkward, angry character is declining.'
  13. 'London's tone suggests they're put out, as though we're being deliberately awkward.'
  14. 'There's nothing wrong with being awkward and difficult and odd.'
  15. 'We did not want to be awkward and put any unreasonable obstructions in the way.'
  16. 'Also, the ones they do employ (at least in Peckham) are inadequately trained/too inefficient to deal with awkward customers.'
  17. 'Between the ages of thirty and fifty, father often enters an awkward or ‘negative’ stage.'
  18. 'And on top of that they have to deal diplomatically with awkward patients.'
  19. 'I am old, cynical, bitter, twisted, awkward, difficult, fussy, and generally hard to please.'
  20. 'Shaw said it was vital to teach everyone in your business how to deal with awkward customers.'
  21. 'They kept waiters hanging on while rudely squabbling and were deliberately awkward.'
Causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience.
  1. 'she felt awkward alone with him'
  2. 'I bought a suit today, after two weeks of deliberations, window shopping, and awkward small talk with sales assistants.'
  3. 'It also provided a social setting where the sixth graders could mingle without the pressures of a party or dance, which can be awkward for this age group.'
  4. 'They certainly didn't make us feel awkward when we questioned them about some of the dishes - rather, they seemed delighted that we were so interested in what they had to offer.'
  5. 'The episode ends with an awkward and uncomfortable lovemaking session between Tony and Carmela.'
  6. 'A relationship with one who is ‘not one of us’ raises the risk that sooner or later a difficult and awkward conversation lies ahead.'
  7. 'Remember that for ALL children, discovering their sexual self is a big deal and awkward.'
  8. 'The atmosphere grew tenser and an awkward pause ensued.'
  9. 'Waiting for her to pick up was awkward and hard, but eventually the phone clicked over and a man's voice answered.'
  10. 'I was desperate for approval and to find some common ground to smooth over an unpleasantly awkward couple of days.'
  11. 'She finally asked after an awkward pause, exasperated with their indecision.'
Not smooth or graceful; ungainly.
  1. 'I learned to ski in the Dolomites more than 20 years ago, and memories of those buttery sunsets have stayed with me as much as the first awkward turns and ungainly falls off button lifts.'
  2. 'Many of the other performers, however, were stiff and awkward.'
  3. 'That most people walk in an ungraceful, ungainly and awkward manner with a forward inclination of the body does not mean that it is the normal way of walking.'
  4. 'The elephant, unwieldy and awkward yet graceful and powerful, becomes an allegory for the form itself.'
  5. 'He's a contradiction in that his jump shot, an awkward heave off his right shoulder, is fundamentally flawed.'
  6. 'I was always a bit awkward and ungainly as a child, so I thought that maybe I was just on the clumsy side.'
  7. 'The resulting pieces at first look remarkably awkward and ungainly.'
  8. 'If a grader were a person, he might be called ungainly, awkward, or even a klutz.'
  9. 'Mothers and fathers send out the message that boys are awkward, ungainly and silly.'
  10. 'Chris was nearly eighteen and though he was tall, filled out with spiky black hair and handsome features, he still felt awkward, gawky, and ugly.'
  11. 'make sure the baby isn't sleeping in an awkward position'
  12. 'Seems like a really awkward, unnatural pose to me.'
  13. 'The hotels are still generic and boring and when I sleep, it feels awkward and uncomfortable in the beds.'
  14. 'One of his legs was bloodied and bent at an awkward angle because of a clearly broken bone.'
  15. 'It was awkward and uncomfortable to sleep in a closet.'
  16. 'I sat up angrily, muttering profanities to myself as I rubbed my elbows and knees which took my awkward landing hardest.'
  17. 'Stan hunched down next to Phillip as he squeezed himself into the tunnel at a relatively awkward and entirely uncomfortable angle as his tail lit the way for the party.'
  18. 'I laid on the floor at an awkward angle, the ropes that the crazy British dude had put on me had started to burn into my wrists.'
  19. 'They almost always occur after sleeping, especially if in an awkward position such as leaning against a bus window.'
  20. 'Mountain biking is jarring on the low back and is forcing your spine into an awkward, unnatural position.'


1. lacking skill or dexterity.Synonyms: clumsy, inept; unskillful, unhandy, inexpert.Antonyms: deft, adroit, skillful, dexterous; handy.

2. lacking grace or ease in movement: an awkward gesture; an awkward dancer.Synonyms: uncoordinated, graceless, ungainly; gawky; maladroit; clumsy.Antonyms: graceful.

3. lacking social graces or manners: a simple, awkward frontiersman.Synonyms: gauche, unpolished, unrefined; blundering, oafish; ill-mannered, unmannerly, ill-bred.|

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"husbands can be awkward of things."

"workings can be awkward in spacesuitses."

"wives can be awkward about things."

"uproars can be awkward for gores."

"runnings can be awkward for people."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘the wrong way round, upside down’): from dialect awk ‘backwards, perverse, clumsy’ (from Old Norse afugr ‘turned the wrong way’) + -ward.