Adjective "Away" Definition and Examples




    1. from this or that place; off: to go away.

    2. aside; to another place; in another direction: to turn your eyes away; to turn away customers.

    3. far; apart: away back; away from the subject.

    4. out of one's possession or use: to give money away.

    5. out of existence or notice; into extinction: to fade away; to idle away the morning.

    6. incessantly or relentlessly; repeatedly: He kept hammering away.

    7. without hesitation: Fire away. adjective

    8. absent; gone: to b


    "people can be away on holidays."

    "people can be away in places."

    "places can be away to places."

    "people can be away for days."

    "people can be away to places."

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