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Able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable.
  1. 'an authoritative source'
  2. 'On the other hand, we have normally acquired the relevant information from suitably authoritative sources, such as approved textbooks, and thus have reason to think it reliable.'
  3. 'The photographs chosen for the exhibition, in some cases printed for the first time, were intended to provide detailed and authoritative physiological information.'
  4. 'I also can't see why some people see his book as the only authoritative source of information on the issue.'
  5. 'These sources are, according to the figures represented, reliable, authoritative and well-meaning.'
  6. 'They can also examine findings from the British Crime Survey, the most authoritative and reliable indicator of crime trends, and look at police recorded crime statistics for each region and for all of England and Wales.'
  7. 'These provide the most authoritative sources of information about the management and activities of the New Australia and Cosme colonies.'
  8. 'There isn't an exhaustive amount of authoritative or reliable information about his life, and there is an exhaustive amount of confusing folklore.'
  9. 'For years and years, they have been the most authoritative and the most reliable sources of information in their communities.'
  10. 'But there are more authoritative and accurate sources on which to spend your money.'
  11. 'This was pretty much what one would expect, and people of my age generally regard the Times as an authoritative source of accurate news.'
  12. 'As in other titles in this series, this has the authoritative text (here based on the first British edition of 1886 which sold for 1s.).'
  13. 'The lesson is: there is always an inherent danger in compiling authoritative lists, as something will always be forgotten.'
  14. 'The book remains the authoritative record of the hospital in its first hundred years.'
  15. 'It is a sad fact of history that authoritative texts held in common but read differently are less likely to create mutual sympathy than bitter division between religious communities.'
  16. 'W. G. McMinn, A Constitutional History of Australia, is an authoritative text.'
  17. 'The same year, he published his famous manual on tropical diseases, an authoritative text that appeared in several subsequent editions.'
  18. 'It stands without peer in the public arena as the most authoritative record of one of the nation's most trying experiences.'
  19. 'It follows the series' standard format with the authoritative text, here based on the 1674 edition with a few editorial changes, to which explanatory notes are given.'
Commanding and self-confident; likely to be respected and obeyed.
  1. 'They were still waiting over an hour later as the police went about using their metal barricades and polite but authoritative commands to disperse the area.'
  2. 'It is only when she sings of her sacred mission to lead her country's army that she assumes an authoritative tone which assures the listener that she can command an army in battle.'
  3. 'On the personality side of the equation, the members are taught and given practical examples on how to be assertive, how to be authoritative and how to come across well in interview situations.'
  4. 'She managed to be both gentle and authoritative and I trusted her to bring you into the world.'
  5. 'He held himself regally, an authoritative air surrounding him as he walked up to the group, his eyes holding amusement.'
  6. 'Henry, fighting the urge to just disappear and let the battle rage on, shifted somewhat pompously and very self-confidently into a loud authoritative voice.'
  7. 'His tone was so authoritative that, after a moment's thought, I obeyed.'
  8. 'His fluent Hindi and authoritative self-confidence impressed even the police.'
  9. 'The voice is gentle, yet authoritative; both calming and commanding.'
  10. 'On television, he exudes confidence and authoritative judgment.'
  11. 'What is required is the authoritative resolution of a legal issue.'


1. having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority: an authoritative opinion.

2. substantiated or supported by documentary evidence and accepted by most authorities in a field: an authoritative edition of Shakespeare; an authoritative treatment of a subject.

3. having an air of authority; accustomed to exercising authority; positive; peremptory; dictatorial: said with an authoritative air.

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