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A space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building.
  1. as modifier 'there are five attic bedrooms'
  2. 'Nests may be built in trees and shrubs but are frequently found under building overhangs, in attics, barns, garages and sheds.'
  3. 'The agents suggest that the attic rooms could be used as play areas or a study.'
  4. 'Five steep steps led to a low-ceilinged attic bathroom with permanently dim lighting.'
  5. 'The space between the attic and the rest of the house is lined with aluminium for insulation.'
  6. 'Hanging the towel on a heated rail to dry, I wandered back up to the attic room, combing my hair with my fingers.'
  7. 'They had a small attic room in the roof which was full of old toys.'
  8. 'Subject to planning permission, there is potential to convert the unused floored attics in these bedrooms into further accommodation.'
  9. 'I was in a smaller room that was next to the stairs leading to the attic where the servants used to live.'
  10. 'After turning off the lamp in the attic, she headed back downstairs and into the dark hallways of the school.'
  11. 'There is a spacious attic bedroom, which could also be suitable for use as a study or home office.'


Relating to ancient Athens or Attica, or the dialect of Greek spoken there.
  1. 'The religious vision from which Attic tragedy emerged was one of the human community as a kind of besieged citadel.'
  2. 'The Persians marched across the Attic peninsula and burned Athens.'
  3. 'It is written in Attic Greek, with much studiedly antithetical rhetoric and frequent verbal borrowings from the classical authors.'


The dialect of Greek used by the ancient Athenians. It was the chief literary form of classical Greek.


    1. the part of a building, especially of a house, directly under a roof; garret.

    2. a room or rooms in an attic.

    3. a low story or decorative wall above an entablature or the main cornice of a building.

    4. Anatomy. the upper part of the tympanic cavity of the ear.

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    "rooms can be attic."

    "bedrooms can be attic."

    "windows can be attic."

    "doors can be attic."

    "stairs can be attic."

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    Late 16th century: via Latin from Greek Attikos.