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In a state of excited movement.
  1. 'A group of 42 young South Korean women set the city astir this past week.'
  2. 'We do not know entirely what is astir, but we can feel that the world is ready to throw itself into turmoil.'
  3. 'By the time I reach downtown, of course, I see that things are astir.'
  4. 'Moments later, the room was astir, with half a dozen instructors and guards, all working to release them.'
  5. 'The production that set the New York and London stages astir will creep into Tokyo Nov.16-19 at the Sun Mall Theater in Shinjuku.'
  6. 'Yet there is a new movement astir in the world, against the inherent violence of globalization, corporate rule and fundamentalism, that reminds us strongly of the early 1960s.'
  7. 'The World was astir over Tsukasa, a young boy with unusual powers.'
  8. 'he woke before anyone was astir'
  9. 'The two walked quickly back to the village, which was now all astir with life.'


1. moving or stirring, especially with much activity or excitement: The field was astir with small animals, birds, and insects.

2. up and about; out of bed.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be astir in villages."

"mergers can be astir."

"people can be astir."


Late 18th century: from a- ‘on’ + the noun stir.