Adjective "assaultive" definition and examples



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Tending or likely to commit an assault.
  1. 'Partner abuse has been linked to profound and long-lasting negative emotional and behavioral effects on children who witness assaultive behavior.'
  2. 'Many people dismiss abusive behaviours in their homes as normal and do not recognize that assaultive actions are still criminal actions even when they occur in intimate relationships.'
  3. 'On neither occasion did she try to excuse or minimize his assaultive behaviour.'
  4. 'In addition, this orientation is consistent with national health objectives which target women as victims of assaultive dating violence.'
  5. 'An art object that draws the viewer's attention to these realities, and leaves no room for ambiguity in their identification, can be an assaultive and disturbing experience.'
  6. 'But it feels, somehow, more appealing and less assaultive.'


1. tending or seeming to assault; physically aggressive: the assaultive behavior of the inmates; the assaultive manner of some rock bands.

More examples(as adjective)

"behaviours can be assaultive."