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Of a pale greyish colour; ashen.
  1. 'Though the younger girl's hair was a bright gold, Clara knew that in time the hue would turn ashy, as hers had done.'
  2. 'He had short dark brown hair with bangs that slightly fell over his ashy blue eyes.'
  3. 'This time, though, old and new mesh perfectly, all hard greys and ashy blacks, and we believe.'
  4. 'He turned to Karl, his face ashy and covered in sweat, but he was grinning widely.'
  5. 'He discovered that the mishandling of fruit, both in groves and in packing plants, had turned the gold of oranges into a mold of ashy blue.'
  6. 'The view showed that the fog had burned off, and while there were plenty of ashy gray clouds in the sky, the forest was now in perfect view, with its lush green vegetation and majestic trees.'
  7. 'A smaller cat with ashy fur followed it, mewing softly.'
  8. 'I lay alone in the darkened bedroom, staring into ashy, cool murkiness.'
  9. 'Great is its seething, like a burning cinder, a grievous thing of an ashy colour.'
  10. 'The elevator itself was nondescript chrome with hard, ashy brown carpeting.'
Covered with, consisting of, or resembling ashes.
  1. 'Since he had been right in the thick of it, his face and bald dome were nearly completely ashy, and his clothes had bits of white foam on them.'
  2. 'Ships in its path were instantly incinerated and reduced to nothing more than superheated gases and ashy cinder.'
  3. 'He collapsed onto the ashy ground in a dead faint.'
  4. 'I drank my wine and then sat with the empty glass between my hands, staring into the fire until it died down into a heap of ashy pink coals.'
  5. 'Tim is humming the melody of some ambiguous rock song and staring at the crumbling, ashy end of the cigarette.'
  6. 'There was relatively clear air here, with a low ceiling of roiling, ashy smoke through which flaming missiles broke.'
  7. 'A concentration of burned clay and ashy soil was found against the west wall of the room, between a projection of the bedrock and a single stone.'
  8. 'The rain trickled down his face, smearing the gray ashy residue.'
  9. 'Daniel ran his finger along the tablecloth, leaving a trail of ashy fingerprints.'
  10. 'The flakes were fine and ashy and the sky was this polluted gray color.'


1. ash-colored; pale; wan: an ashy complexion.

2. of or resembling ashes: an ashy residue.

3. sprinkled or covered with ashes.

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"sides can be ashy."

"materials can be ashy."

"gases can be ashy."

"wreckages can be ashy."

"wreaths can be ashy."

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