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To or on the shore or land from the direction of the sea.
  1. 'He taught them how to approach the whale, iron it, bring it ashore, butcher, render and eat it.'
  2. 'The day dawned fine and they returned to Shipbuilders Cove and went ashore.'
  3. 'Vangelis travelled ashore by pulling on the rope attached to the shore bollard and returned by pulling on the rope attached to the ferry.'
  4. 'We go ashore by dinghy at a pretty stone jetty surrounded by dense trees and rhododendron bushes.'
  5. 'Mathew and his shipmates recovered the man and his five friends to Hawkesbury and took them ashore.'
  6. 'Sailors from the ship also wanted to get ashore during this time to help with the aid and restoration program.'
  7. 'Following another night at anchor we conduct another pax transfer ashore.'
  8. 'If they are successful, the men will step ashore for the first time in four months when they reach the coast of California.'
  9. 'Before this the staff had only been able to fly ashore for a couple of days' rest on a rotational basis.'
  10. 'They had suffered only minor shock and injuries and subsequently were transferred ashore.'
  11. 'we spent the day ashore'
  12. 'Like many of the earlier heraldic flags, it seems that this form of flag originated in military use ashore.'
  13. 'A volunteer party from Monmouth went ashore when the ship called in at the island during the latest stage of her patrol of the region.'
  14. 'In between official duties sailors managed to get ashore to take in the sights of Exeter and Torquay.'
  15. 'The prize gives special emphasis to research which improves the management or techniques in sick bays ashore and afloat.'
  16. 'This meant that the crew would be ashore for anything up to two months at a time.'
  17. 'Sailors from Argyll are involved in two projects ashore, the more ambitious one being the building of a health clinic.'

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1. to the shore; onto the shore: The schooner was driven ashore.

2. on the shore; on land rather than at sea or on the water: The captain has been ashore for two hours.

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"troops can be ashore on helicopters."

"people can be ashore at nets."

"officials can be ashore in places."

"officials can be ashore in documents."

"people can be ashore."

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