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Of or containing arsenic.
  1. 'In addition, it was hard to tell whether arsenical poisoning or any other therapy administered during the early stages of infection, really had a sufficiently beneficial long-term effect.'
  2. 'The men went away but several hours later the plaintiff's husband died from what was held to be arsenical poisoning.'
  3. 'Chemical lead, 1% antimonial lead, and arsenical lead are most commonly employed for this purpose.'


An arsenical drug or other compound.
  1. 'In general, organic arsenicals require a minimum of two applications, spaced 14 days apart, to have efficacy anywhere near that of most commercially available pre-emergence herbicides.'
  2. 'In the 75 years before World War II arsenicals were used to treat syphilis in sub-Saharan Africa and syringe use was tightly controlled.'
  3. 'Fruits and vegetables sprayed with arsenicals may be sources of this element.'


1. containing or relating to arsenic. noun

2. any of a group of pesticides, drugs, or other compounds containing arsenic.

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"coppers can be arsenical."

"compounds can be arsenical."

"wallpapers can be arsenical."

"uses can be arsenical."

"tablets can be arsenical."

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