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The chemical element of atomic number 33, a brittle steel-grey metalloid.
  1. 'The ad was based on the latest findings of the National Research Council and a citizens' sampling program that found high levels of cancer-causing arsenic in wood from Home Depot stores nationwide.'
  2. 'Animal research has established a bidirectional effect of selenium and arsenic with each metal preventing a toxic effect of the other.'
  3. 'Earlier this year, the British journal Lancet published a report saying that a test of strands of George III's hair contained arsenic, which can provoke porphyria attacks.'
  4. 'In recent month residents have raised complaints after dust containing lethal poisons, including cadmium and arsenic, was found in their homes.'
  5. 'It's a free for all at that stage,’ said Mr Campion pointing out that treated timber alone can contain poisonous arsenic.'
  6. 'Many feared the problems had been caused by once dormant heavy metals, including cadmium and arsenic, now emerging from a redundant coke workings.'
  7. 'Apart from any physiological effects on chickens themselves or consumers, feed additives introduce tons of organic arsenic into the environment every year, says Stolz.'
  8. 'After initial reluctance, the Administration has also implemented Clinton-era proposals to reduce arsenic in drinking water and air pollution from diesel trucks and tractors.'
  9. 'It is also extremely likely that chemicals such as cyanide and arsenic will be leached into the local water systems.'
  10. 'Harvey's team suggests that organic carbon feeds chemical reactions that liberate arsenic from minerals in the soil.'


Relating to arsenic.
  1. 'According to an autopsy, the activist who had been a staunch critic of human rights violations by the military died of arsenic poisoning.'
  2. 'Another case of arsenic poisoning was that of Claire Booth Luce, a United States ambassador to Italy in the years after World War II.'
  3. 'He was murdered on September 6 by arsenic poisoning while on a Geruda Airlines flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam.'
  4. 'You'd make a good psychologist, executioner, black widow, arsenic poisoner, heretic queen or commentator.'
  5. 'They bought television time to attack his efforts to reverse Clinton-era plans to cut arsenic levels in drinking water.'
  6. 'After examining her, doctors diagnosed arsenic poisoning and said it was caused by drinking contaminated water in her native village on the India-Bangladesh border since childhood.'
  7. 'That's why the Republicans kept the Clinton rules on lead disclosure and diesel pollution, and agreed to issue an arsenic standard.'
  8. 'Your article on arsenic poisoning of drinking water in Bangladesh and India (International, August 8) clearly illustrated a terrible disaster for many millions of people.'
  9. 'However, just as the discovery of arsenic contamination undermined years of work to provide clean drinking water, crises such as the current floods demonstrate how easily such progress can be set back.'
  10. 'Where previously river weed had been gathered to keep the river clear and running free and then was used for fertiliser, this new weed could not be used because of its arsenic content.'
  11. 'So doping silicon with arsenic injects a precious few extra electrons: one for every arsenic atom.'
  12. 'When heated in air, it reacts with oxygen to form arsenic oxide.'
  13. 'This finding is of great concern inasmuch as the protection principle and measures of gaseous arsine are different from the airborne arsenic particulate.'


1. a grayish-white element having a metallic luster, vaporizing when heated, and forming poisonous compounds. Symbol:As; atomic weight:7

4.92; atomic number:3


2. arsenic trioxide.

3. a mineral, the native element, occurring in white or gray masses. adjective, none, arsenic[ahr-sen-ik]/ɑrˈsɛn ɪk/

4. of or containing arsenic, especially in the pentavalent state.

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"poles can be arsenic."


Late Middle English (denoting yellow orpiment, arsenic sulphide): via Old French from Latin arsenicum, from Greek arsenikon ‘yellow orpiment’, identified with arsenikos ‘male’, but in fact from Arabic al-zarnīḵ ‘the orpiment’, based on Persian zar ‘gold’.