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The pointed end of an arrow.
  1. 'Much of his time was spent making arrowheads, shafts and spears, and he supplied the soldiers of Normandon and Brand, who often purchased a whole entire cartload to replace those they had used.'
  2. 'He grabbed the arrow just behind the arrowhead and snapped the wooden shaft.'
  3. 'She stared ahead with wide eyes, and the daunting point of a well-crafted arrowhead stared back at her.'
  4. '‘First you aim,’ he explained and showed her by moving the arrow and her hand to point the arrowhead to the red mark fifteen metres away.'
  5. 'Beginning more than two millennia ago Scythian archers dipped their arrowheads into manure and rotting corpses to increase the deadliness of their weapons.'
  6. 'It is perfect for making high-quality arrowheads, spear points, knives and other implements.'
  7. 'Flint arrowheads were shaped to a point and inserted into a slot and tied with sinew to the front of the arrow.'
  8. 'Anyone wanting to know how to make a spear point, which rocks to use, what different arrowheads tell us about their makers, and how technology spreads from one culture to another will be richly rewarded.'
  9. 'Her tail is sleek and graceful, ending in a point like an arrowhead.'
  10. 'For a fleeting instant, he felt as though he viewed himself and Lily from far above, two tiny figures seated on horse, upon a swath of grassland shaped like an arrowhead, its point buried in the gap of the deep glen.'
A quadrilateral in which one internal angle is more than 180°.
    A Eurasian water plant with arrow-shaped leaves above the water surface.
    1. 'Bog plants, also known as emergent and marginal plants, include some hardy types such as pickerel weed, arrowheads, cattails and yellow water iris; and shorter species including golden-club, parrot's feather and spike rush.'
    2. 'Mill Creek foraging parties may have opportunistically harvested a number of resources from these wetlands including nesting waterfowl, muskrats, and arrowhead tubers.'
    3. 'Here and there are patches of American white water lily and Engelmann's arrowhead.'
    4. 'Numerous species of arrowheads and bladderworts occur.'

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    1. the head or tip of an arrow, usually separable from the shaft and conventionally wedge-shaped.

    2. anything resembling or having the conventional shape of an arrowhead.

    3. Also called swamp potato. any aquatic or bog plant of the genus Sagittaria, having usually arrowhead-shaped leaves and clusters of white flowers.

    4. any of several other plants having arrowhead-shaped leaves.

    5. the dartlike form in an egg-and-dart ornament.

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    "attacks can be arrowhead."