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A weapon consisting of a thin, straight stick with a sharp point, designed to be shot from a bow.
  1. 'the road continues straight as an arrow'
  2. 'Viking warriors commonly used bows and arrows, as well as other missile weapons such as throwing-spears and axes.'
  3. 'They were carrying all sorts of weapons, including arrows, swords and axes.'
  4. 'Lykopis heard the hissing of an arrow and saw the man fall, the same arrow sticking out his neck.'
  5. 'It felt as if there was one of Cupid's magical love arrows sticking straight out of my heart.'
  6. 'To get the correct arrow length, use a long arrow and draw the bow to full draw.'
  7. 'Archery is like darts, except that the arrows are launched, not by hand, but by a recurve bow.'
  8. 'They stood in the trenches, weapons unsheathed and arrows nocked on bows.'
  9. 'Hundreds of arrows were stuck into the ground in front of the archers as they took up positions at the rear defensive line.'
  10. 'we followed a series of arrows'
  11. 'Continue for a quarter of a mile along the edge of the ridge until a yellow arrow waymarker indicates a path leading down to a house on the left alongside a wall.'
  12. 'On the back of the flyer, Lam drew a map of the area with dates and names and arrows pointing in various directions.'
  13. 'Now imagine the piece of wood in the diagram spinning in the direction of the arrows.'
  14. 'Taking this to mean there would be an emergency phone, I set off walking along the highway in the direction of the arrow.'
  15. 'Yellow paint lines, arrows and numbers mark the sidewalks where five people died under a Dublin bus last week.'
  16. 'I'm sure by now you all know about the full screen menu you get when pressing the arrow keys on your DSTV remote.'
  17. 'Inferred genes are indicated by arrows, indicating direction of transcription.'
  18. 'I have marked with black arrows the direction in which they could have walked to the spot they eventually stole the cab from.'
  19. 'The way this site has developed means that Kingsclere does not begin right at the junction, hence the arrow on our sign.'
  20. 'For instance, one could assume that the arrows illustrated wind direction or speed.'


Move or appear to move swiftly and directly.
  1. 'Then he saw Collingwood's throw arrowing in towards the wicketkeeper, and his stride quickened.'
  2. 'Colgan's kick was flicked on by Lehmann and the ball arrowed into a channel between Oueifio and Greg Strong.'
  3. 'From the distant night streaks of fire appeared, arrowing down onto the palace rooftop.'
  4. 'This time the striker didn't need any assistance with his superb 25-yard shot arrowing into the top corner.'
  5. 'He was hardly back on his feet again when he had to claw out a Sara header arrowed at the base of his left-hand post.'
  6. 'A corner was worked short by Quinton Fortune, the South African international, and Beckham sent the ball arrowing into the area.'
  7. 'And once again his shot was true, arrowing past the despairing McKenzie.'
  8. 'Somewhere in the forest, an owl arrowed down to catch a mouse.'
  9. 'His conversion five minutes earlier had come from virtually exactly the same spot on the right touchline, and had arrowed between the posts.'
  10. 'Just as the ball appeared to be arrowing into the top corner of the net, Colgan palmed the ball behind to safety.'

More definitions

1. a slender, straight, generally pointed missile or weapon made to be shot from a bow and equipped with feathers at the end of the shaft near the nock, for controlling flight.

2. anything resembling an arrow in form, function, or character.

3. a linear figure having a wedge-shaped end, as one used on a map or architectural drawing, to indicate direction or placement.

4. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Sagitta.

5. broad arrow. verb (used with object)

6. to i

More examples(as adjective)

"hands can be arrow."

"people can be arrow."

"kits can be arrow."


Old English arewe, arwe, from Old Norse.


arrow of time (or time's arrow)