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The action or process of arriving.
  1. 'he was dead on arrival at hospital'
  2. 'He said the public is also being asked to attend at the nurses' station on arrival, before visiting the wards.'
  3. 'The civic party will stay in the Hotel Gottler and be welcomed on arrival on March 27 by German civic dignitaries.'
  4. 'And on arrival in the Czech Republic they were put up in a penthouse suite at the Panorama Hotel.'
  5. 'Her arrival was greeted by a heartwarming display of affection from the people of Edinburgh.'
  6. 'You can a get a discount on your King House tour if you show your Boyle Abbey entry ticket on arrival.'
  7. 'On arrival I was handed a letter all the way from my mother in Knockmore, County Mayo, Ireland.'
  8. 'The price is based on two people sharing self-catering accommodation, which will be allocated on arrival.'
  9. 'And I got away with it, even though I omitted to get my entry declaration stamped on arrival in Russia.'
  10. 'If a person needs a crutch on arrival, why doesn't he need it on departure?'
  11. 'Barcelona's bilingual nature is immediately obvious on arrival in the city.'
  12. 'hotel staff greeted the late arrivals'
  13. 'It was forecast that tourist arrivals would keep increasing every year.'
  14. 'However growth in visitor arrivals has slowed over the last few years, resulting in a slower tax growth.'
  15. 'Always have a list of projects ready for overnight guests or early arrivals who volunteer to help.'
  16. 'Low employment among much of the immigrant population destroys the argument for further arrivals, he argues.'
  17. 'Admittedly there has been a recent significant downturn in foreign tourist arrivals.'
  18. 'Should we expect hordes of eager Western tourists to start clogging up the arrivals halls at Bulgaria's airports?'
  19. 'There were six other passengers with a couple more waiting for arrivals.'
  20. 'We must not allow our immigration policy to be subverted by unchecked illegal arrivals.'
  21. 'Visitor arrivals in the first three months of this year have shown year-on-year increases.'
  22. 'At the small terminal, arrivals were greeted with traditional leis made from tropical flowers.'
  23. 'One of the first arrivals in the UK will be the Renault Logan, produced in Romania.'
  24. 'Opodo was a late arrival in the online travel business and racked up huge losses.'
  25. 'The arrival of spring marked the launch of the assault on the South Pole.'
  26. 'The eventual arrival of Metrolink will also help attract more spectators and more participants to SportCity.'
  27. 'It was just one store, but its arrival in this country changed the game completely.'
  28. 'But Mr Howard's arrival as Opposition leader had evened things up all round.'
  29. 'The arrival on the market of DVD writers complicates matters even further.'
  30. 'Gorbachev's arrival as Soviet premier, however, had dire consequences for Bulgarian wine.'
  31. 'The arrival of the disease in the country would drastically reduce the profits of some of Brazil's largest meat exporters.'
  32. 'sociology is a relatively new arrival on the academic scene'

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1. an act of arriving; a coming: His arrival was delayed by traffic.

2. the reaching or attainment of any object or condition: arrival at a peace treaty.

3. the person or thing that arrives or has arrived: First arrivals will be the first seated.

More examples(as adjective)

"weights can be arrival."

"times can be arrival."


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French arrivaille, from Old French arriver (see arrive).