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Covered with or protected by armour.
  1. 'Military vehicles on display will include a Ferret an armoured scout car British and American jeeps and wartime motorbikes.'
  2. 'Some 24 ships, 23,000 military personnel, 400 armoured vehicles and a squadron of fighter-bombers are involved.'
  3. 'The Cavalry commander had the armoured cars with him and was later reinforced by 1,500 infantry soldiers who were sent forward in Ford cars.'
  4. 'The drivetrain and steering linkages are protected within the armoured hull.'
  5. 'Boffins at Britain's Ministry of Defence have invented an electric ‘force field’ designed to protect armoured vehicles against anti-tank grenades.'
  6. 'In-line transmission is by four central axles protected by armoured housings.'
  7. 'It is a tracked, armoured, amphibious vehicle designed to engage armoured ground and air targets while stationary, on the move and afloat.'
  8. 'The armoured vehicle is protected against 14.5 mm heavy machine gun rounds and artillery splinters.'
  9. 'The division's long columns of trucks and Humvee armoured vehicles avoided Iraqi army and paramilitary units as they pushed north on Thursday and Friday.'
  10. 'The soldier selects top attack mode to engage tanks and armoured vehicles in order to strike the least armoured area on the vehicle's roof.'
(of some animals and plants) having a protective layer or shell.
  1. 'The Galeaspida are a strange group of armored fishes possessing a massive, flattened, one-piece bony shield.'
  2. 'Remains of ostraderms (jawless, armored fish) from Ordovician rocks comprise some of the oldest vertebrate fossils.'
  3. 'For as long as they were there, no crocodile or armored herbivorous or general carnivorous dinosaur could grow very big.'
  4. 'The other family with extraordinary bacteriomes is Diaspididae, the armored scale insects.'
  5. 'The aetosaurs, or Stagonolepididae, were large herbivorous armoured archosaurs, and an important characteristic part of Late Triassic faunas.'
  6. 'Benthic armored fish are common by the Early Devonian.'
  7. 'The extinct armored fishes known as placoderms make up what is considered to be the earliest branch of the gnathostome family tree - the earliest branch of the jawed fishes.'
  8. 'Crabs are nocturnal and cautious with an armoured shell and soft, fleshy insides.'
  9. 'The heavily armored fish from the Devonian became extinct, being replaced with fish fauna that look more modern.'
  10. 'Halkieriids were sluglike metazoans armored with a coat of mineralized sclerites and two prominent shells at either end.'


1. protected by armor or armor plate.

2. provided with or using armored equipment, as tanks or armored cars: an armored unit; an armored patrol.

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"vehicles can be armored."

"cars can be armored."

"moves can be armored."

"divisions can be armored."

"companies can be armored."

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