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Equipped with or carrying a firearm or firearms.
  1. 'In Gujranwala, the marathon armed vigilantes hurled petrol bombs and attacked the participants.'
  2. 'No one in West Yorkshire Police will be prosecuted over the shooting of a former soldier armed with an airgun, it was announced yesterday.'
  3. 'They knew that some of the people inside of this settlement were armed, and perhaps prepared to use those arms.'
  4. 'Soldiers armed with Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers lined the roads into the village.'
  5. 'Then an open truck drives by carrying eight armed soldiers.'
  6. 'The Chinese had brought new tactics to the battlefield for directing mass peasant armies armed with crossbows.'
  7. 'The proportion of troops armed with more accurate, but slower firing, rifles remained low.'
  8. 'Up to 15 customers plus members of staff ran from the restaurant after the manager raised the alarm as an armed response team, called by another police officer, arrived on the scene.'
  9. 'They involved massive land armies armed with improved types of tanks, artillery and aviation.'
  10. 'Most days a crowd of desperate Afghans try to cross the fairy castle-like gate, only to find themselves beaten back by Pakistani soldiers armed with sticks.'
  11. 'Looking up, he saw a duo of guards and an armed robot down the hall.'
  12. 'armed robbery'
  13. 'Confusing cinematic spectacle with the horrors and necessities of armed conflict signals an end to our ability to discern truth.'
  14. 'Most radical of all were the ultraists like John Brown, who were prepared to wage armed conflict to achieve their objectives.'
  15. 'We weren't really prepared for armed confrontation, so we decided to find another trail.'
  16. 'Last month Batasuna, a banned party seen as Eta's political wing proposed a new formula for peace talks with the government, raising hopes that Eta might be prepared to end its armed struggle.'
  17. 'There were mutterings of suing for peace - but as Britons prepared for an armed invasion, intelligence sources abroad detected that their worst fears may not be realised.'
  18. 'And then why did you commit four more armed robberies?'
  19. 'A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, kidnap, handling stolen goods and firearms offences.'
  20. 'You think the looting, rape and armed terror that emerged within hours in New Orleans couldn't happen elsewhere?'
  21. 'The essential issue has been the preservation of the ability to resort to armed terror, while limiting their opponents' capacity to respond in kind.'
  22. 'The use of firearms in an armed robbery has declined in recent years, and at the same time there has been a dramatic increase in the use of other weapons, particularly knives, but also syringes.'
Having claws, a beak, etc. of a specified tincture.


    1. bearing firearms; having weapons: a heavily armed patrol.

    2. maintained by arms: armed peace.

    3. involving the use of weapons: armed conflict.

    4. equipped: The students came armed with their pocket calculators.

    5. (especially of an animal) covered protectively, as by a shell.

    6. fortified; made secure: Armed by an inveterate optimism, he withstood despair.

    7. (of an artillery shell, bomb, missile, etc.) having the fuze made operative.

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    "rules can be armed out of genomes."

    "rebels can be armed in bids."

    "forces can be armed."

    "groups can be armed."

    "people can be armed."

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    armed to the teeth