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Military weapons and equipment.
  1. mass noun 'they brought up more reinforcements and more armament'
  2. 'At the same time, the Turkish military was systematically provided with armaments by the US and Western Europe.'
  3. 'The military armament bureau is designed to integrate weaponry research and manufacturing as well as logistical components of the military, but if it is to operate as planned, several branches of the military are likely to disappear.'
  4. 'On the contrary, the continuation of military armaments in their present extent will with certainty lead to new catastrophes.'
  5. 'Much higher shares than this have been earned by traditional government suppliers in construction, transport materials, armaments and telecoms equipment.'
  6. 'Would you be happy knowing your cash could effectively be funding businesses that provide armaments for oppressive regimes?'
  7. 'American squadrons in France had to use British or French armament and equipment, even though one of the most effective Allied weapons was the Lewis gun, an American design manufactured in Europe.'
  8. 'The development of some of the most vital weapons in our armament stems from open, unclassified fundamental scientific research abroad.'
  9. 'The build-up of armaments is part of the broadest repositioning of US forces worldwide since the end of the Korean War more than 50 years ago.'
  10. 'That is likely to continue unless there is a general reduction of armaments in the area.'
  11. 'She assured the soldiers that they would be provided with the ‘most modern armaments, equipment and technology’.'
  12. 'Two thousand mostly female workers carry out a ten-hour night shift at an armaments factory dedicated to making tank parts.'
  13. 'The U.S. Navy qualified AEREA as a maintenance center for armament equipment and pylons for the Harrier II Plus.'
  14. 'Once they were in close, they could deliver devastating fire from their cannon and rocket armament; only a few hits could bring down a heavy bomber.'
  15. 'In fact, missile armament formally does not include weapons and special armament delivery vehicles and weapon use control systems.'
  16. 'instruments of disarmament rather than of armament'
  17. 'It wants to be in charge of ‘supervising the armament and disarmament of Kurdish groups’ and of ‘restricting the movement’ of Kurdish forces where necessary.'
  18. 'This was because the disposition and armament of the armed forces had been for centuries in the exclusive discretion of the Crown.'
  19. 'We are still in the process of ensuring that this armament is not sectarian in nature.'
  20. 'It was necessary to build a conventional ARVN in order to meet that threat, as well as to act against guerrilla forces which were increasing in strength and armament, provided by North Vietnam.'
  21. 'Just before the war the British had begun converting old fleet destroyers into specialized escort vessels with A-A and enhanced anti-submarine armament, and this process continued with older destroyers into the war years.'
  22. 'There was only one question on which the summit was quickly united - military armament.'
  23. 'Soviet assistance enabled Afghanistan to improve the structure, armament, training, and command and control system of its armed forces.'

More definitions

1. the arms and equipment with which a military unit or military apparatus is supplied.

2. a land, sea, or air force equipped for war.

3. armor (def 5).

4. Usually, armaments. military strength collectively: the armaments race; a country without armaments.

5. the process of equipping or arming for war.

More examples(as adjective)

"informations can be armament."

"commands can be armament."


Late 17th century (in the sense ‘force equipped for war’): from Latin armamentum, from armare ‘to arm’ (see arm).