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The branch of mathematics dealing with the properties and manipulation of numbers.
  1. 'Lessons included learning arithmetic, geometry and algebra and prior to Nightingale entered nursing, she spent time tutoring children in these subjects.'
  2. 'So far we've only talked about the most basic mathematics - arithmetic and an inbuilt notion of cardinal number.'
  3. 'The Tentamen is built on Bolyai's belief that mathematics consists of arithmetic and geometry with arithmetic as the mathematics of time and geometry as the mathematics of space.'
  4. 'He was also required to show the practical applications of mathematics, teach arithmetic, mechanics and the theory of music.'
  5. 'He claimed that mathematics was composed of four branches, namely geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and music.'
  6. 'His work followed that of Kronecker in the development of arithmetic in algebraic number fields.'
  7. 'The mathematics used in this field, such as conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem, are covered by fairly elementary arithmetic and probability theory.'
  8. 'Al-Khwarizmi continues his study of algebra in Hisab al-jabr w'al-muqabala by examining how the laws of arithmetic extend to an arithmetic for his algebraic objects.'
  9. 'The mathematical part of the Aryabhatiya covers arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry.'
  10. 'Cardinal Algebras presents a study of algebras satisfying certain properties which capture the arithmetic of cardinal numbers.'
  11. 'arithmetic had never been her strong point'
  12. 'The arithmetic was simple: only 15% of the population took A-levels and only 10% of these could get an A grade.'
  13. 'Many engineers of his age felt similar, a computer could be used to do calculus and arithmetic, but not do then daunting tasks such as communications and process control.'
  14. 'If U is a positive integer, we can calculate the function's value by simple arithmetic: Just multiply e by itself U times.'
  15. 'Simple arithmetic will reveal that an increase in the debt of the state is a bill the taxpayer has to pay.'
  16. 'Simple arithmetic demonstrates that moving from 31.5 to 42 hours is an increase in working time of 33 per cent.'
  17. 'Simple arithmetic predicts that funding for pulmonary and critical care research may fall considerably below that of other clinical disciplines in European countries.'
  18. 'All you have to do is some simple arithmetic to know the answer.'
  19. 'This is probably where the $70.00 noted above is lost; however, mistakes in simple arithmetic should not be made in an estimate.'
  20. 'Simple arithmetic surely tells us that, other things being equal, the writer who gives the fans a couple of books a year is going to generate greater revenue.'
  21. 'The Stand and Deliver message, that the touch of a master could bring unmotivated students from arithmetic to calculus in a single year, was preached in schools throughout the nation.'


Relating to arithmetic.
  1. 'Tartaglia also wrote a popular arithmetic text and was the first Italian translator and publisher of Euclid's Elements in 1543.'
  2. 'La Roche published Larismetique in 1520 which was considered an excellent arithmetic book with good notation for powers and roots.'
  3. 'Their test involved a simple arithmetic function called Gauss's modular arithmetic task.'
  4. 'They usually base their self-assessment on their poor performance in school arithmetic tests.'
  5. 'It was an elementary arithmetic text which was soon was adopted widely.'
  6. 'Widman is best remembered for an early arithmetic book in German in 1489 which contains the first appearance of + and - signs.'
  7. 'Bradwardine then claims that an arithmetic increase in velocity corresponds with a geometric increase in the original ratio of force to resistance.'
  8. 'His income came mainly from his arithmetic textbooks.'
  9. 'From this point his career really took off although the arithmetic book which he published in that year was not a major factor.'
  10. 'Thus, this conjecture of Artin was the origin of a wide range of activities in what is now called arithmetic geometry.'


1. the method or process of computation with figures: the most elementary branch of mathematics.

2. Also called higher arithmetic, theoretical arithmetic. the theory of numbers; the study of the divisibility of whole numbers, the remainders after division, etc.

3. a book on this subject. adjective, none, arithmetic[ar-ith-met-ik]/ˌær ɪθˈmɛt ɪk/

4. Also, arithmetical. of or relating to arithmetic.

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Middle English: from Old French arismetique, based on Latin arithmetica, from Greek arithmētikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of counting’, from arithmos ‘number’.