Adjective "arguably" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


It may be argued (used to qualify the statement of an opinion or belief)
  1. 'Tanna Island is arguably as good as these, or better, if you're after a coffee with a rich smooth taste.'
  2. 'For a start we were served with arguably the best garlic bread we have tasted in years.'
  3. 'Finally, and arguably most important, it still has a good international reputation.'
  4. 'The Big Sleep is arguably his finest hour, and does much to explain why his work is so highly regarded.'
  5. 'It was a devastating display of control that the Super League has arguably never witnessed before.'
  6. 'The side have a fine pitch, arguably the best in Scotland, but still have not been granted their own gym.'
  7. 'Good health and sensitivity to the task's difficulties are arguably more important.'
  8. 'Of the three coaches, Italy's Brad Johnstone has arguably been the most successful.'
  9. 'Murasaki Shikibui was the author of The Take Of Genji, arguably the world's first novel.'
  10. 'It is still a dark story, though, which arguably has never really been screened in the way it was written.'

More definitions

1. susceptible to debate, challenge, or doubt; questionable: Whether this is the best plan of action or not is arguable.

2. susceptible to being supported by convincing or persuasive argument: Admirers agree that it is arguable he is the finest pianist of his generation.

More examples(as adjective)

"works can be arguably."

"systems can be arguably."

"resources can be arguably."