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Able to be argued or asserted.
  1. 'It is arguable that Mr Tamihere failed on probably all those counts in the end.'
  2. 'For even if that be so, he must in addition show that there is an arguable case for his having recourse to the funds in question.'
  3. 'It is a question whether there is an arguable case that there was a breach of the rules of procedural fairness.'
  4. 'It is arguable that in relation to the failure of the Council to advise as to his right of appeal, because there was no proper review, the report was flawed.'
  5. 'It is arguable that as you were the one living in the house, you were the one who benefited from the improvements.'
  6. 'For the singer, it is arguable that success has come in spite of, rather than because of, her father.'
  7. 'We submit that each of the questions that we have identified is important and arguable.'
  8. 'This court, nevertheless, decided that it was arguable that the interpreter could recover a reasonable fee for work done.'
  9. 'It is at least arguable that in some respects the modern chief political administrator has an easier time of it.'
  10. 'It is arguable that this behaviour also justifies costs being awarded against him on a substantial indemnity basis.'
Open to disagreement; not obviously correct.
  1. 'I want to read more paragraphs that expand on that sort of critical response, not several hundred words of a highly arguable and at least somewhat mistaken compact history of alternative comics.'
  2. 'Obviously some of these are arguable statistics, but they're none the less troubling.'


1. susceptible to debate, challenge, or doubt; questionable: Whether this is the best plan of action or not is arguable.

2. susceptible to being supported by convincing or persuasive argument: Admirers agree that it is arguable he is the finest pianist of his generation.

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"cases can be arguable."

"grounds can be arguable."

"defences can be arguable."

"claims can be arguable."

"subdivisions can be arguable."

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