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Relating to the ancient city of Argos.
  1. 'But the author also lets us know that his heroine is committed to ideals of ‘tenderness and justice ‘that transcend national frontiers at a time when the Argive state is under threat.’'
  2. 'The great Argive goddess was Hera, worshipped at the Heraeum some 10 km (6 miles) north of Argos.'


A citizen of Argos.
  1. 'The Argives saw Hera as ‘cow-eyed,’ which culturally indicated her close association with the moon and making rain.'
  2. 'The Athenian alliance with the Argives, the Boeotians and the Corinthians against Sparta in the Corinthian War is portrayed as a gesture of compassion for the weak.'


1. of or relating to Argos.

2. Greek. noun

3. a native of Argos.

4. a Greek.

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(Argive)From Latin Argivus, from Greek Argeios ‘relating to Argos’.