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Silver; silvery white.
  1. 'Cupping the silver liquid in his palm, Belloc carefully raised his hand to the level of the girl's eyes, which reflected the argent light.'
  2. 'As I watched, the orange flame died out, leaving the argent flame to battle the darkness alone.'
  3. 'The primary Arms of this branch of Barlows were "Sable, a double-headed eagle displayed argent, beaked and membered or."'


Silver as a heraldic tincture.
  1. 'The star consists of the Cross of Saint Patrick Gules, on a field argent, charged with a trefoil as on the Badge, surrounded by a sky-blue enamelled circle.'


1. Heraldry. the tincture or metal silver.

2. Archaic. silver. something silvery or white.

3. Obsolete. money. adjective

4. like silver; silvery white.

5. Heraldry. of the tincture or metal silver: a lion argent.

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"distributors can be argent."

"groups can be argent."

"traceries can be argent."

"tours can be argent."

"stores can be argent."

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Late Middle English (denoting silver coins): via Old French from Latin argentum ‘silver’.