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Are not.
  1. 'It does mean a lot to know that these celebrities aren't too busy to respond.'
  2. 'Maybe it's not fashionable to be a keeper any more, so young kids aren't taking up the position.'
  3. 'They aren't boisterous, keep themselves neat and tidy and smile at anybody who says hello.'
  4. 'If you really aren't sure about a house, you can have an independent survey done at your own expense.'
  5. 'We will be much more approachable, so that people aren't afraid to say anything.'
  6. 'We aren't the first team to miss penalties and we won't be the last so I'm not going to blame the lads.'
  7. 'After all, how can anyone respond to questions that they aren't aware of having been asked?'
  8. 'The high passions aren't down to the two candidates' inspiring visions for the country.'
  9. 'You don't win three trophies one season and go top of the table next if you aren't a good team.'
  10. 'The new tracks aren't radically different but they're more like individual songs.'
  11. 'I'm right, aren't I?'
  12. 'I'm a decent guy, aren't I?'
  13. 'Well I am selling it, aren't I?'

More definitions

1. contraction of are not.

2. contraction of am not (used interrogatively).

More examples(as adjective)

"companies can be arent."