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Shooting with a bow and arrows, especially at a target as a sport.
  1. 'They say children watch wrestling on television instead of playing traditional sports such as archery.'
  2. 'They can have a go at ringo rides, high rope courses, rock climbing, orienteering and archery.'
  3. 'There's lots to choose from: tennis, football, golf, archery, riding, canoeing.'
  4. 'They have witnessed many Olympic events, including basketball, cycling, football and archery.'
  5. 'All dangerous sports were banned but archery was seen as essential to maintaining the country's military strength.'
  6. 'Live theatre, games, dancing, arts and crafts and archery, bring to life the Middle Ages.'
  7. 'Thompson is a sports freak, with archery, cricket and scuba diving among his passions.'
  8. 'He was useless with a sword, missed his targets in archery, fell off his horse as soon as he got on, and in general hated fighting.'
  9. 'Renee got hooked on the sport after trying archery during a camping holiday to France with her husband, Ian.'
  10. 'She was practicing archery, and had totally missed the target and was yelling at it.'

More definitions

1. the art, practice, or skill of an archer.

2. archers collectively, as in an army.

3. the equipment of an archer, as bows and arrows.

More examples(as adjective)

"facilities can be archery."


Late Middle English: from Old French archerie, from archier (see archer).