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Constructed with or in the form of an arch or arches.
  1. 'An interior courtyard boasts a graceful arched door and elegant windows and the landing is adorned with carved wooden cherubs at the four corners of a decorated dome.'
  2. 'The arched wooden front door opened, and a maid stepped out, her face stoic and unsmiling.'
  3. 'The Spanish style is reflected in the use of balconies, wrought iron, plaster and brick facades, arched windows and doors, and high ceilings.'
  4. 'High ceilings and arched windows create a light and airy setting, while wood-panelled walls, open fires and plush seating add to the comfort.'
  5. 'I still can't decide whether or not it was once a train station but it certainly looks like one with its metal struts, big arched roof and an enormous clock at one end.'
  6. 'I cast my gaze towards one of the arched windows.'
  7. 'The artist, based in Rendall, has designed an arched structure for the top of Knockan Crag in Wester Ross, which forms part of Inverpolly Nature Reserve.'
  8. 'Corrina swung open the large arched door, only to be greeted by Dean, Igby, and a girl Corrina didn't know by name but recognized from school.'
  9. 'An arched timber entrance door opens up into a lobby with a stained wooden floor, a leaded-style window and moulded coving.'
  10. 'The massively arched door, in the style of a portcullis, is defended on either side by rampant lions, petrified in mid-snarl.'


1. made, covered, or spanned with an arch or arches.

2. having the form of an arch.

3. Heraldry. noting an ordinary or partition line formed as a slight curve.

More examples(as adjective)

"eyebrows can be arched over bunches."

"windows can be arched."

"doorways can be arched."

"gateways can be arched."

"doors can be arched."

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