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A member of a Semitic people, originally from the Arabian peninsula and neighbouring territories, inhabiting much of the Middle East and North Africa.
  1. 'Trans-Sahara trade with North Africans and Arabs began to transform these northern societies greatly.'
  2. 'I visited it with a group called Chefs For Peace, which includes Arabs, Palestinians and Jews.'
  3. 'Some Brits, Arabs, Jews, and maybe a couple of Americans were on it.'
  4. 'Though some members are Kurds, many are thought to be Arabs from around the Middle East.'
  5. 'Residents of Kirkuk are divided in roughly equal parts among three ethnic groups, Arabs, Turkmen, and Kurds.'
  6. 'Nearly 300,000 North African Arabs, for example, fought in the ranks of the Free French.'
  7. 'Later, with the fall of the empire, it was settled by Germanic Visigoths, then Arabs and Moors.'
  8. 'In 711 the peninsula was separated dramatically from the rest of Europe by an invasion of Arabs and Berbers from North Africa.'
A horse of a breed originating in Arabia, with a distinctive high-set tail.
  1. 'I happen to own three of the beasts, along with one crazy Arab!'
  2. 'Many Arab horses were left behind when the Moslems left and were left to breed with local horses creating such breeds as the Andalusian horse.'
  3. 'Racing changed its complexion as thoroughbreds replaced Arabs.'
  4. 'That blob of silver takes away from the arab's beautiful, large, wide-set eyes.'
  5. 'This part Arab was moving out at a canter.'
  6. 'Most are Arabs, for centuries bred for toughness and distance.'
  7. 'It was these Arab horses that were used as a calvary horse by the Moslems and taken to North Africa and into Spain and France.'
  8. 'That blob of silver takes away from the Arab's beautiful, large, wide-set eyes.'


Relating to Arabian people.
  1. 'Improvements have occurred in Bangladesh, Pakistan and most Arab States.'
  2. 'But, caught on the continent's horn, it isn't of Africa - it is neither Arab north nor Bantu south.'
  3. 'It was here that he helped draw together the previously warring Arab tribes into a fighting force capable of attacking the Turkish enemy.'
  4. 'These are only a tiny fraction of the theories given by Arab viewers but, for the sake of brevity, I will not recount them all.'
  5. 'One of the problems has been the shortage of Arab speakers.'
  6. 'Likewise, Arab sailors carried back ship loads of handicrafts from India.'
  7. 'But it wasn't until nearly 300 years later that Arab traders began to boil or roast these precious beans.'

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1. a member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia and other countries of the Middle East.

2. a member of any Arabic-speaking people.

3. Arabian horse.

4. Also called Arabber[ey-rab-er]/ˈeɪˌræb ər/. Sometimes Offensive. a street peddler.

5. Archaic: Sometimes Offensive. street arab. adjective

6. of or relating to Arabs.

7. Arabian.

8. Arabic.

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(Arab)Via Latin and Greek from Arabic ‘arab.