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A light bluish-green colour; aquamarine.
  1. as modifier 'aqua blue'
  2. 'Moiré and mother of pearl pastel watch faces in colours like pink and aqua and agate will also capture an iridescent feel.'
  3. 'When shopping, go for hot colors such as pink, aqua blue, yellow, apple green, and lavender.'
  4. 'Purple is still keen, but so is aqua, yellow, and even rusty orange.'
  5. 'Bright orange, pink, aqua blue, purple and gold are some of the ‘good bye to conservative’ shades visible in the collections.'
  6. 'In this show a deep, clear blue predominated among white, aqua, buttery yellow and dusty or radiant pinks.'
  7. 'Using a palette of aqua and Alaskan blue, limie green, peach, and ashes of roses, the line resonated his quest for a neat balance.'
  8. 'All the Rondos are two-toned, the color pairings including orange and crimson, Nile green and bright yellow, aqua and dark blue.'
  9. 'They don't change your color, but give your eyes a light blue, aqua or green tint.'
  10. 'The only differences between their eyes were that one was dark green, while the other one was aqua blue, very blue, and very intent on her.'
  11. 'Although she must have had some insight into it, because all the decorations were in her favourite aqua blue, like the dress which was low cut and slim.'


(especially in pharmaceutical and commercial use) water.
  1. 'Although sessions for local schools are on the timetable, the pool will be open for public use most of the time, with water polo, aqua aerobics and scuba diving among classes.'
  2. 'Nine mighty aqua jets propel water at the user, who lies half-sunken into the thing, but conveniently separated from the water by an impermeable surface.'
  3. 'He said: ‘The gym also offers aqua fit classes in the swimming pool, so we might give that a go too.’'
  4. 'Some pubs (you know who you are) like to add a touch of aqua to the proceedings.'

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1. Chiefly Pharmacology. water. a liquid. a solution, especially in water.

2. a light greenish-blue color. adjective

3. having the color aqua.

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"cares can be aqua."

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"faiths can be aqua."

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"systems can be aqua."

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