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In the form of or resembling an apse.
  1. 'The apsidal hall has a small tower over its end to give the appearance of height.'
  2. 'He also rounded the projecting east wing, giving it an apsidal configuration.'
Relating to an apsis.
  1. 'An apsidal motion with a period of 80.7 years was confirmed and a third body in an eccentric orbit with a period of 85.4 years was found.'
  2. 'Apsidal motion is one of the classical diagnostics of stellar structure.'

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1. Architecture. a semicircular or polygonal termination or recess in a building, usually vaulted and used especially at the end of a choir in a church.

2. Astronomy. an apsis.

More examples(as adjective)

"ends can be apsidal with apses."

"choirs can be apsidal with glasses."

"chapels can be apsidal at ends."

"ends can be apsidal."

"terminations can be apsidal."

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(apse)Mid 19th century: from Latin apsis (see apsis) + -al.