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Inform or tell (someone)
  1. 'What happens if he is apprised of this fact, perhaps by being presented with an argument from those propositions to the denial of?'
  2. 'After he was apprised of Stacy's condition, he then wanted to know what had happened.'
  3. 'But Anne was much more than this; she was fully apprised of the plans and frequently acted as confidential messenger.'
  4. 'It would also be nice if these hidden costs were less hidden - if the artist were apprised of what was going on in his or her name and had to sign off before incurring substantial debt.'
  5. 'We have a strict house rule that she does not move from room to room without apprising me of what she's doing (because she always needs help) but it was her intent to put on her robe and go to the kitchen alone.'
  6. 'Time was set aside each afternoon for informal meetings to apprise other staff members of the team's activities and progress.'
  7. '‘I have apprised metro officials about this,’ he said.'
  8. 'Likewise, readers are also apprised of how ambiguous a clue to morality deception may be.'
  9. 'We agreed that if that took until the next annual meeting - as long as we were all apprised in writing of any issues that come up - no one had a problem with the arrangement.'
  10. 'When community members were apprised of this plan, they warned the editors that everyone would leave.'

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1. to give notice to; inform; advise (often followed by of): to be apprised of the death of an old friend.

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"people can be apprised by lawyers."

"people can be apprised of levels."

"people can be apprised of developments."

"members can be apprised in anies."

"people can be apprised."

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(apprise)Late 17th century: from French appris, apprise, past participle of apprendre ‘learn, teach’, from Latin apprehendere (see apprehend).