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The round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin green or red skin and crisp flesh.
  1. 'Eighteen lumps of different cheeses littered the table amongst baskets of green and red apples and ripe pears.'
  2. 'Scoop out the cores and cut the apples across into thin half-moon slices.'
  3. 'Last week the kids had made apple crisp with the apples they picked on my second day.'
  4. 'Using a sharp knife, peel, core and slice the apples into thin wedges.'
  5. 'It could be the beautiful autumn sunshine glistening off mountains of green and red apples which has brought about this unusual state of contemplation.'
  6. 'In soft fruit such as tomato this process occurs early in ripening whereas in crisp fruits such as apple it is a late-ripening process.'
  7. 'What do plastic garbage bags, human flesh, and the skins of apples all have in common?'
  8. 'Walk boldly to the post office to send your snail mail, munching on a daily apple as you admire green spaces along the way.'
  9. 'After a rain or when they're crushed, the leaves smell like green apples.'
  10. 'I mean, do you think that green apples are only grown on a certain farm?'
  11. 'After a while I found that I liked to eat some custard apples better than others.'
The tree bearing apples, with hard pale timber that is used in carpentry and to smoke food.
  1. 'Climbing back up the hill I relished the fine display of daffodils lining the path up to the apple tree.'
  2. 'Flowers grew all around, and I saw an apple tree and a peach tree to the side.'
  3. 'Let me develop that illustration in a familiar way, contrasting a Christmas tree with an apple tree.'
  4. 'Fruit trees, apples, pears and plums for the most part, are weighed down with a good year's crop.'
  5. 'The whole house is covered in Virginia creeper and among the trees are an apple tree, cedar, Japanese cedar and large cypress.'
  6. 'Plant an apple tree and it will be at least a couple of years before you'll even begin to see any fruit.'
  7. 'From 1905 to 1918, he brought back samples of plants from apples to zoysia grass.'
  8. 'The result is an incongruous lush patchwork of fields containing tomatoes, cherries, apples and corn, all surrounded by desert.'
  9. 'The best pruning job I've ever seen was done by a herd of cows on a wild apple tree.'
  10. 'Fruit trees such as apples, pears, and cherries are also important household assets.'

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1. the usually round, red or yellow, edible fruit of a small tree, Malus sylvestris, of the rose family.

2. the tree, cultivated in most temperate regions.

3. the fruit of any of certain other species of tree of the same genus.

4. any of these trees.

5. any of various other similar fruits, or fruitlike products or plants, as the custard apple, love apple, May apple, or oak apple.

6. anything resembling an apple in size and shape, as a ball, especially a baseball.

7. Bowling. an inef

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"greens can be apple."

"serves can be apple."

"pies can be apple."

"juices can be apple."

"flavours can be apple."

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Old English æppel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch appel and German Apfel.


the apple never falls far from the tree
the apple of one's eye
apples and oranges
apples and pears
apples to apples
a rotten (or bad) apple
she's apples
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